My IVF Alternative

My IVF Alternative provides couples, from all over the world, struggling with the cost and treatment of in vitro fertilization with a less costly, greater medical and more personal, vacation style, IVF treatment option in the Czech Republic. Since 2006, the My IVF Alternative program in the Czech Republic has helped more than 1,000 couples conceive through in vitro fertilization. Read or watch the testimonials from happy moms & dads who conceived through an IVF treatment. No matter if you are from Europe, America, Australia, Asia or Africa, we have been offering our guiding hand to English speaking couples worldwide. We proudly say that we have IVF babies on every continent of this planet!

Why My IVF Alternative?  When you hear IVF, vacation and fun are not the first words that come to your mind. But we have changed that! Our Fertility IVF Options offer an affordable and enjoyable experience for couples seeking in vitro fertilization.  In addition to providing excellent medical care, My IVF Alternative offers an IVF vacation to the Czech Republic, located in the very heart of Europe, with optional sightseeing, spa treatments, massages and more to further enhance your IVF experience and increase your chances of conception.   Our IVF  vacation abroad is offered with no waiting time and for a fraction of the cost of IVF treatments in many countries, making it a great choice for your IVF pregnancy. No need to spend 21 days or more away from your home and family. With My IVF Alternative’s precise and interactive coordination, non donor IVF patients can expect a 7 to 14 days’ stay and patients in need of donor eggs just 7 days’ stay in the Czech Republic or less. Explore this exciting IVF program and learn more about in vitro fertilization treatment options in Czech. In need of non donor IVF, egg donation, sperm donation, embryo adoption, surrogate? See how we can help >>

My IVF Family

Our Personal Story

My IVF Alternative was created out of the personal struggle of my husband and I as we were seeking to find greater medical treatment and more affordable IVF options to conceive through in vitro fertilization. Not only Jeremy and I, but also our coordinators are among the millions of fertility-challenged couples in the world.  We know firsthand the desire to have a child and we want to help you achieve your dream of bringing a baby into your family as well.

We developed My IVF Alternative to help other couples in similar situation to achieve their dream of having a family for much less while enjoying the conception experience through an IVF travel vacation to an outstanding IVF clinic in the Czech Republic. You can read more about OUR personal Fertility IVF  story and also view Mag’s detailed IVF diary describing all of OUR struggles and MY personal experience with in vitro fertilization. No matter what kind of an IVF treatment you need to complete YOUR family, we can guide you with our experienced and trusted hands through your journey. Treatments available:

  • Non donor IVF treatment (IVF)– using your own eggs and your partner’s or donor’s sperm
  • Donor egg IVF treatment (DE IVF) – using fresh donor eggs (oocytes) and your partner’s or donor’s sperm
  • Donor embryo IVF treatment (DEM) also known as embryo adoption – embryos created using donor eggs and donor       sperm (never past patients’ embryos!) that are frozen (cryopreserved)
  • Surrogacyembryos created using your own or donor eggs and partner’s or donor’s sperm are transferred into a surrogate to carry the baby for you.
  • Egg bank – egg banking is a process of freezing eggs (your own or donor’s) to use for fertilization with your partner’s sperm or donor sperm in the future.

Why IVF in Czech?

The Czech Republic is a popular destination for abroad IVF treatments not only for the affordability, great success and safety of the procedure, but also for favorable laws and location. As a member of the European Union the Czech Republic is required to follow strict standards and safety guidelines and all IVF treatments are monitored by many governing agencies. Czech Republic is one of the few EU countries that have also written their own rules for IVF treatments allowing for a full range of fertility treatments.

We have partnered with the leading fertility clinic in the Czech Republic and the largest one in Central Europe since they first opened their door. We are their preferred agency and exclusive partner for English speaking patients. Therefore, our patients can benefit from no waiting lists and schedule their treatments according to their own schedules.

Czech Republic, with its rich history, great architecture and delicious dining experience will  keep anxious IVF travelers busy and their mind full of exciting new adventures. Being in the very heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a very convenient destination for those who would also like to visit some other European countries such as Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and more. Only a few appointments to the clinic are necessary, providing plenty of time spent IVF vacationing.

As you can read in Mag’s IVF Diary, our path to the two amazing daughters we have today was not easy. But with the patience, personal attention, willingness to work with doctors around the world and sincere desire to help, that we have received from the entire staff, we were able to succeed. You can also read and watch testimonials from other couples that have asked for our guiding hand and follow our path to becoming parents. We are ready to help you as well.