September 4, 2006

Well, it’s been exactly 5 months since I found out in amazement that after years of trying and being diagnosed INFERTILE, I was pregnant. It’s been exactly 4 months since I had to undergo D&C to remove the fetus from my uterus as it stopped developing at 6 weeks and 1 day.

The doctors are giving me great chances of a successful treatment: I am young, my hormones are great, I am in good health, sperm is good and now the fact that I have conceived naturally. So I am entering this treatment relaxed and with great hopes of a positive outcome.

My stimulation begins as the first day of my period counts as the first day of the stimulation cycle. I have informed my IVF coordinator of this day and she provided me with a detailed protocol. I am not taking any medication yet but I feel very anxious!

September 19, 2006

Day 16 of my stimulation cycle.

I am taking Provera 5mg – one pill twice daily. I was advised that this medication can upset my stomach so to avoid any nausea, I am taking my pill in the moring with breakfast and in the evening with dinner.

September 21, 2006

Day 18 of my stimulation cycle.

I don’t feel any nausea, I guess taking Provera with food helped. The only thing I do notice, however, are my breasts – they are tender.

September 23, 2006

I continue taking Provera and I feel good. So far this part of my stimulation was very easy to follow and doesn´t, in any way, interfere with my daily activities.

September 26, 2006


Day 23 of my stimulation protocol, it´s time to start taking shots of Decapeptyl 0.1mg.So far I kept the injections in its original box in the fridge. Today,I took one shot out and left it at room temperature for 10-20 minutes.I was told that taking a shot out of the fridge and administering itright away, can cause a burning feeling in the area.I first cleaned the area around my naval with a piece of cotton balland rubbing alcohol.Then I sat down, so my stomach wouldn´t be tight, and started gettingthe syringe ready.I took the needle cap off first then gently pulled down on the plunger(just a little bit) tapped on top of the syringe a few times, to makeall the bubbles rise to the top (I could see the air filled area atthe top).I slowly started to push on the plunger, to push all the air out ofthe syringe, and waited for the first two drops to come out. I madesure I did this very carefully because I didn´t want to squirt outmost of my medication.When my syringe was ready to be injected I just pinched my skin belowmy navel and inserted the needle in the skin the needle is so finethat I could barely feel it. Actually, the only thing I could feel wasmy own pinch!I slowly released the medicine into my body, I could have done it alittle faster, but what is important, is that after I squeezed all themedication in, I let the needle in the skin for a few seconds longerbecause I wanted to make sure all the medication from the syringe hadenough time to absorb.

September 28, 2006

Day 25 of my stimulation protocol.

Today I am taking my last Provera and will continue taking only shots of Decapeptyl.
As we have other couples undergoing their treatment in Czech, we are getting on a flight to Prague tonight so that we could be there with them every step of the way.

I am starting to feel some side effects of Decapeptyl – my body is retaining water. I struggle with this problem every month before my period so I know how to handle it (to a certain extent). I drink a lot of water – may seem weird but the more liquids I take in the more retained water my body releases, I drink a little more coffee than usual and eat watermelon – they both are good laxatives.

We will be in Prague tomorrow morning.

September 29, 2006

Day 26 of my stimulation protocol.

We have successfully made it to Prague!

We had a nice, comfortable flight and despite of all the new airport security rules, I had no problem taking my medication with me on board.

Since Decapeptyl needs to stay cool (below 46 degrees Fahrenheit) I put my meds in a cooler, bought some dry ice and closed it tight. I carried it on me just like my purse and when I approached security I told them about my shots and insisted on not letting it through the X-ray machine. Although, the security people said that it wouldn´t harm it, I didn’t want to take any chances. They just opened my cooler, check the contents and wiped it with some special piece of material and ran that through their tester.

So I didn’t have any issues with security in Atlanta or Frankfurt (Germany, where we changed planes) or Prague.

I just kept a thermometer in my cooler and checked the temperature every few hours to make sure it didn’t get below 46 degrees – in that case I would ask for a lot of ice!

September 30, 2006

Day 27 of my stimulation protocol.

Today is my 30th birthday and back at home in Czech I have a lot of family members and friends keeping me and Jeremy busy by taking us out for my birthday.

My stimulation is not interfering with my schedule at all – I just make sure that I take my shot every morning and I am done.

Actually, today I had Jeremy give me my shot for several reasons: first, I want him to feel involved in this “baby-making” process; second, a few of my shots hurt me ( I guess I didn’t warm them up enough – I found out that holding the syringe in my hand for a minute or two warms it up better than leaving it on the counter) also looking away as Jeremy gave me my shot helped a lot as all I could feel was the pinch of his fingers on my skin.

October 3, 2006

Day 30 of my stimulation protocol.

I feel swollen, puffy and really irritable – I know I have to get my period soon! I feel as if I gained 10 pounds – Jeremy says I look still the same but I feel huge. I keep telling myself that it won’t last long, once I get my period I’ll feel normal again.

October 5, 2006


Day 32 of my stimulation protocol.

Sure enough, I got my period and I feel normal again, woohoo! :o)

I was supposed to get my period between day 30 and 32 – if I didn’t I would have to have a blood test and an ultrasound to check for possible cysts.
My body took its time but I did get my period on day 32 and had my blood drawn.

The results were fine so we could start with actual stimulation – I am still taking Decapeptyl and we have just added 150 IU of Puregon.

Taking Puregon is very easy – it comes in a pen with a cartridge of medication – I just put the little cartridge in the pen (it needs to be kept in the fridge just like Decapeptyl so I make sure to hold it in my hand for a little while before actual application), dial the prescribed dosage (in my case 150 units), wipe the rubber tip of the cartridge before screwing on a needle. Then I just clean my skin with alcohol, pinch my skin and release the medication into my body. The needle of Puregon is micro fine – this is the easiest shot I had to take so far.

To sum it up – today is my Day 1 of my actual stimulation and I am taking two shots in the morning: Decapeptyl 0.1mg and Puregon 150 IU.

October 8, 2006

Day 4 of my stimulation.

Feeling good, taking two shots a day is not a problem any more, I guess practice makes perfect.

Last night was my high school reunion, we had a great time. It was wonderful to see all my former class mates after 10 years – see how they’ve changed, hear what they’ve done – it was very interesting.

We ate good food, drank some really good wine (as this is a wine region) had a fantastic time. By the time I got home it was 4 am. Nobody could tell what I am going through right now, that’s the wonderful thing about this treatment – it doesn’t show or limit you in any way.

October 9, 2006

Day 5 of my stimulation.

Another blood test to check my progress. According to my IVFcoordinator, I am doing beautifully and we can reduce my dosage ofPuregon from 150 IU down to 125 IU.So I continue taking my shots in the morning Decapeptyl and the onlydifference with Puregon is that I dial only 125 instead of 150 on myPuregon Pen.

Weather here is absolutely beautiful now, the sun is shining with itsfall strength through the colored leaves creating an absolutelymagical atmosphere.My parents just took us for an afternoon stroll through the chateau’sgardens and surrounding woods. It was absolutely gorgeous – all youcould hear were ripe chestnuts falling to the ground and dry leavescracking under your feet.I just wish this season would last all year round.

October 11, 2006

Day 7 of my stimulation.

I have taken A LOT of shots by now! Since all the shots need to betaken in a very specific and rather limited area, I am running out ofspace. I have noticed that the whole area below my naval is verytender and feels kind of bruised, especially when I pinch my skinbefore the actual shot. What is also bothering me is when I have topull my pants back up after the shot as the whole area is sore. I tryto give myself a little extra time after I take my shot and before Ihave to be dressed or out the door. Keeping my pants rolled down andkeeping the area clear of clothes for 10-15 minutes helps a lot.Other than that I am doing good – no aches or pains so I am still ableto keep up with my work out regimen (running, yoga, strength trainingand aerobics). I did, however, slow down a little, I am not asvigorous any more, I don`t want to over do it.

October 13, 2006

Day 9 of my stimulation.

Today I had another blood test and my 1st ultrasound.

The set up in the “Ultrasound Room” makes it easy for patients to be involved – instead of me twisting and turning to sneak a peek of the doctor’s monitor (as I was used to from my previous doctors), they have another screen placed on the wall in front of me so Jeremy and I could see what the doctor was looking at and ask questions.

The ultrasound showed 6 follicles in one ovary and 10 follicles in the other ovary. Endometrium (my uterus lining) looked OK but may need a little boost after the egg retrieval.

I was given one more medication, called Luveris 75IU, to increase the quality of my follicles, should the blood test indicate that.

Getting this shot ready is not as easy as taking the others – this medication needs to be mixed. I got two little bottles (one with fluid and one with medication that looks like powder), one syringe, one big needle and one little needle. It may seem more difficult than it actually is.

(Your stimulation medication may look similar if you decided to use less expensive drugs – for my stimulation I chose more expensive drugs but they are easy to take and it’s not easy to make a mistake – pre-mixed medication in a pen is the best way to go).

I was glad that my blood tests were good and I didn’t have to add this shot to my every day routine. I must have punctured a little blood vessel in my belly because the area where I took the shot bled a little and today I have a bruise there in the size of a quarter.

I made sure with my coordinator that this was not a problem; she assured me that it was OK that these things happen.

October 15, 2006

Day 11 of my stimulation.

We had a nice weekend – shopping, visiting friends and family and lots of walks.

I feel good – no headaches, nausea, tiredness,… anything like that. Just my ovaries are a little sensitive; they feel like two hard rocks inside of me. I feel them with every step I take, I don’t run anymore as bouncing doesn’t feel good at all.

October 16, 2006

Day 12 of my stimulation.

Today, I had my last blood test and ultrasound. Ultrasound showed a lot of follicles that were close to the mature size but not completely, for that reason, my treating doctor has decided to extend my stimulation by one more day to give some of those follicles time to mature.

I feel a little irritable emotionally and physically. My stomach is getting bigger and my lower abdomen is very sensitive. I am moody and snippy but Jeremy seems to be dealing with it very well.

October 17, 2006

Day 13 of my stimulation.

I am ending my hormonal stimulation by taking a shot of Pregnyl at 9PM. This shot releases my follicles for the egg retrieval. This medication takes 36 hours to be effective so my egg retrieval is scheduled for Thursday morning (October 19, 2006) at 8.30AM.

October 18, 2006

Day 14 of my stimulation.

I am doing good; just my lower abdomen is hurting a little and it’s understandable. All those eggs I am making there, they are running out of space – pushing on other organs around them, especially my bladder! I am going to the bathroom every 10 minutes.

Tonight is the last night before my egg retrieval, since it’s done under anesthesia, I got strict instructions: no smoking, no drinking and no food after midnight.

I don’t smoke or drink so that is no problem but I usually get dehydrated over night and I also love to have a nice big breakfast in the morning – this is going to be really hard on me. But I’ll do it.

October 19, 2006

Day 15 of my stimulation.

We are arriving at the clinic at 8AM; we are turning in our consent forms and Jeremy gets his sterile cup to make his deposit :o)

I am lead to the operating section of the clinic. I change my clothes to my gown and get in my bed. There are two other ladies undergoing the same procedure with me.

I am the first – I am dreading the anesthesia a little. I was told that the whole procedure take just a few minutes but my body has never liked being put to sleep. Every surgery I have ever undergone with anesthesia, I was miserable – I was nauseous, dizzy and sometimes I would vomit as well.

Sure enough, when I woke up my head was spinning and I had the urge to vomit.
I was given a shot to make me feel better and once the medication got into my system, I was feeling better.

I saw my fellow patients leave and come back and they were totally fine! Nurse was checking on us every few minutes making sure we were doing OK. Once we got over the effects of anesthesia, we were served a really good fruit tea and a really good rice pudding – they both were great! I am sure that anything would taste good after no food or drink for hours.

Doctor, doing our egg retrieval, came to each and everyone of us and informed us of the results. In my case, they retrieved 13 mature eggs, girl next to me had 12 and the third girl, who was undergoing this procedure, had 21 eggs.

My husband was instructed to come and pick me up at 11AM, once he arrived, the nurse informed me that I can start getting dressed whenever I feel like it – I talked to the other girls for a little while and then started getting dressed.

We went to talk with the embryologist, who informed us that they have received 13 mature eggs and since the sperm analysis of my husband was good, they were going to let them all fertilize naturally. They have also given me a time table on when to call to stay up-to-date on our embryos’ development.

I was also given progesterone called Utrogestan to start taking vaginally from tomorrow on – two in the morning and two in the evening.

I was also given instructions on possible symptoms and complications arising from anesthesia, egg retrieval or hyperstimulation.

We have arrived at home and I was feeling a little sleepy, before I knew it I was sound asleep on the couch.

I woke up 3 hours later, Jeremy fixed me a hot cup of soup and we had a little snack. We have also rented a movie – Failure to Launch – perfect way to spend an afternoon. My ovaries were hurting me a little so I wanted to take it easy.

It was about half way into the movie when I started to feel sick again, after I threw up, I felt better again. Second time around I called the clinic, I wanted to know what to do.
My doctor assured me that this is one of the possible side effects of my procedure and that I should feel better tomorrow. In the mean time he suggested I slowly sip on cold coke or if I feel too bad and coke is not helping, I should come back to the clinic – they are open 24 hours – and they would give me a shot to make me feel better.

Coke helped a little and since it was 9PM, I decided to go to bed and hopefully sleep the nausea away.

October 20, 2006

Day 16 of my stimulation.

Sure enough, this morning I woke up feeling fine – no nausea, no pain. Just very hungry – I took that as a good sign and asked Jeremy to go get me some fresh rolls and fish salad (I haven’t had this meal in years but all the sudden I was craving it badly).

This morning I also started taking my progesterone tablets – they are round, looking like little berries. They can be taken orally (but they can upset the stomach) so the clinic recommends taking it vaginally (if I wasn’t able to hold it in, then I should take it orally). I was warned that this medication can cause dizziness, nausea and disorientation and I should not drive or operate any machinery.

With my history of showing all the effects, I was waiting for the worst – but to my amazement, I didn’t experience any side effects! Halleluiah!!

Today was also the first day for us to check on our fertilization.

We were told that out of the 13 retrieved eggs, 10 of them fertilized – we thought it was great! Just my mom made a comment that we are close to having our own soccer team :o)

Next check up on our “babies” will be Sunday, October 22nd.

We are invited to a local bar to visit with our friends – Jeremy cannot wait as he’s been practicing darts in the US and cannot wait to show his abilities.

October 21, 2006

Day 17 of my stimulation.

It’s Saturday morning and my belly feels bloated. My stomach is tender and I am short of breath just walking up a few steps. As these were some of the symptoms to look out for, I called the clinic. They told me to come in.

The doctor felt my belly and checked it with ultrasound – he was checking for signs of hyperstimulation. My ovaries were still enlarged (one was 6 cm and the other one 7 cm), it will take some time for them come back to normal – after all they did produce 13 eggs!

Another thing that doctor found in my belly, were fluids. Not much but enough for someone, with no space to waste in her belly, to cause some discomfort.

He said that resting for a couple of days would help me feel better but if I am really uncomfortable, he would drain that for me.

I was also told that this is the way my body is reacting to the super stimulation – everybody is different and my body has chosen the path of hardest resistance or is it that I should go through it all so that I can now write about it?

Either way, we have decided to drain the liquid to make me more comfortable.
I have also received a shot to help prevent the water retention in my belly.

I was leaving the clinic feeling much better and with strict instructions to drink at least 1 Gallon of fluids and eat a lot of protein to substitute for the loss of protein.

I was also informed that since my body is retaining water I may have to undergo this procedure again.

October 22, 2006

Day 18 of my stimulation.

It’s time to follow up on the development of our embryos again. I was really nervous when I called. I knew that the number of embryos can decrease as not all of them make it to the next day. I’ve heard of women starting with 21 eggs and having only 5, 3, 2 or none at all left on the day of embryo transfer. We have started with 13 retrieved eggs, went down to 10 fertilized eggs so I was really dreading to hear the number today – we are just a half way through the “hatching” period.

We were thrilled to find out that all 10 of our fertilized eggs are still doing great; all of them are showing the right signs of 3 days old embryos.

Next follow up, and possible embryo transfer, is on Tuesday October 24.

Weather here has been unusually warm; according to the meteorologists – warmest in the last 35 years! I was trying to follow the doctor’s instructions and taking it easy but the sun was just screaming: “Come on, take a walk!” So we did. Just a short one, the romantic one, holding hands and walking around the near by lake.

It got chilly toward the evening so were heading home – no need for a cold now!

October 23, 2006

Day 19 of my stimulation.

I am being lazy today – just lying on the couch watching TV and a short walk in the afternoon. I have been drinking over a gallon of liquids a day and to make sure I get enough proteins in my diet, I bought this drink, called Nutri Drink, that is supposed to have all the essential vitamins and minerals, including the daily supply of protein in just two small servings. It’s pretty tasty – I would compare it to a strawberry smoothie (that is the flavor I chose). Hopefully, I can cheat the nature and no more fluids will be retained in my belly!

October 24, 2006

Day 20 of my stimulation.

I woke up feeling good but after breakfast my belly swelled up again and I was huffing and puffing just walking around.

Even before I called the clinic, I knew what they were going to say.

We arrived at the clinic and headed straight for the ultrasound room – sure enough, more water – not much but since I had a hard time breathing, we decided for more water withdrawal, this time with an IV to strengthen the walls of my blood vessel and even further prevent water retention.

It took about 2 hours for all the IV drip into my veins, room was comfortable with a TV and adjustable bed to make me comfortable.

I also got a visit from the embryologist do discuss our embryo transfer.

Today is a 5th day of the cultivation and today would be the day of embryo transfer. Because of my miscarriage in March, we have decided to have our embryos tested with PGD (pre-genetic diagnosis). There were 2 embryos suitable for testing that day and it looked like 2 more tomorrow. We have scheduled the transfer of 1 embryo for the next day at 1PM.

I was leaving the clinic feeling great – no more bloated belly and I could breath normally.

October 25, 2006

Day 21 of my stimulation.

The day of our embryo transfer has finally come – sure we had a few challenges on the way and it took a little longer but we have made it here!

No more bloating, shortness of breath or any other problems. I was just feeling great!
Room for embryo transfers is a cozy little room, equipped with comfortable leather chairs and a screen, again placed on the wall where I could see it.

First, our name showed up on the screen, then the embryologist zoomed on something that looked like a tinny dot – and there it was, our future baby!

Now all the years of unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant were so worth it, really!
How many couples get to see their baby when it’s just a cluster of cells? Only us, “baby-challenged” couples, get to see our babies at 5 days and then again at 9 months at birth. It is a very unique reward for all the years of trying!

After the doctor placed our perfect little embryo into the uterus, we could see on the monitor the embryologist checking the instrument, making sure that the embryo was indeed in my uterus.

I rested on the table for 15 minutes and then we headed back home. The earliest I can take a pregnancy test is in 10 days if negative it should be repeated two days later.

I was also advised that I should take it easy for the next couple of days – no need to stay in bed just no had labor.

Hardest thing for me to do is not to think about this whole miracle. Every time I start thinking about it, my heart starts pounding and I get all stressed out about “what if it won’t work?”, “what if the test is negative?”, “what if….?”.

Jeremy keeps telling me that I have to stop thinking about it or will cause my body to miscarry this perfect, healthy, little embryo.

We have done everything we could, we have had a healthy embryo placed in a cozy uterus, I am taking my progesterone tablets and I am taking it easy. Now it’s up to my body to accept the little embryo and keep it in for the next nine months.

What is meant to happen will happen and there is nothing we can do about it now.

We’ve had 3 other PGD tested embryos and 2 non-tested but quality embryos frozen. Just in case.

October 26, 2006

Day 22 of my stimulation.

I woke up with a stuffy nose and a sore throat. I get colds very easily, especially when the season changes, but I definitely don’t need to get one right now!

Jeremy made me a cup of hot tea with honey and I dressed warm hoping that was going to take care of it. We went shopping for some fresh pastries for breakfast.

By the time we got back from town, I felt worse but I was going to follow doctor’s orders and eat a lot of protein, even though I didn’t feel like eating.

I wasn’t even done eating my breakfast when I began to feel sick to my stomach. The feeling of nausea was getting worse and worse. We called the clinic and they advised us that we should come in to get checked out.

I was immediately admitted and given IV to stop the vomiting. I was examined by my doctor and an internal specialist, ultrasound, EKG and blood tests were carried out and none of them showed any abnormalities or problems. Just to be sure, my doctor asked that I spend the night for observation. My nausea and fever came and went, since no other problems were detected, the doctors agreed that I must have gotten some virus, something like a 24 hour bug.

I left the clinic in the morning feeling fine again.

October 29, 2006

Day 25 of my stimulation.

I have been feeling fine since my last visit to the clinic.

This weekend is Halloween weekend, here we celebrate “All Souls Day” – people go to cemeteries to pay their respect to the dead by bringing wreaths to the graves and lighting candles. Jeremy and I have visited the local cemetery as well. It seemed to have a special magic. It was dark and the candle lights had different colors. They were nicely flickering in the night breeze.

October 30, 2006

Day 26 of my stimulation.

I woke up this morning bleeding heavily. I couldn’t believe it, yet another problem.
I didn’t even bother to call, we just drove directly to the clinic. I had an ultrasound done showing that what I am experiencing is not a period. The embryonic sack was still there. Of course, my first question was if the treatment was over and had a negative result.
I was told that bleeding this shortly after the embryo transfer is not a good sign, but it doesn’t mean that everything is lost. I was prescribed Ethinylestradiol which was supposed to help my uterus and stop the bleeding.

November 1, 2006

Day 28 of my stimulation.

I am still bleeding. It feels like a very heavy period, just without all the cramping.

There is nothing we can do at this point just let the nature handle this one.

November 3, 2006

Day 30 of my stimulation.

Today is exactly ten days after my embryo transfer and the first possibility to get my blood tested. After all the trouble my body gave me trying to get pregnant, I didn’t think that my blood test would be positive. But still, somewhere deep inside, I was secretly hoping and praying for the test to be positive.

Unfortunately, my blood test was negative. Our first attempt to get pregnant using IVF didn’t work just like our treatments in the states.

I kept going over and over in my head “why”? The embryo was perfect; the uterus was perfectly thick, cozy and inviting. Was it the “bug” I caught shortly after the embryo transfer? Was it my endometriosis, my incompetent cervix or do I have more polyps in my uterus? Was it the stress of moving overseas or the stress related to coordinating and helping other couples getting pregnant? The first thing we tell our patients, “make sure you choose the least stressful time to undergo this treatment”, and here I am, totally ignoring our rule #1!

Another possibility is that there is some other problem with me preventing me from becoming pregnant no matter what we do? Since this is my second miscarriage this year and we do have 4 beautiful cats at home with us, I am going to get tested for Toxoplasmosis. That’s a disease spread by the cats that can cause miscarriage or damage to the fetus in women.

I really admire the women that go through 3, 5, 7 or more IVF treatments before they get pregnant. I know that these days doctors are doing miracles. If I lived in my parent’s generation, I could have never dreamt of having children of my own.

Doctors can only do the best they can do, the rest of the success is in God’s hands.

Fortunately, we have quality frozen embryos ready to try again.

November 5, 2006

Hi, this is Jeremy. I know this is supposed to be Mag’s Diary, but I have something to say about how this whole thing is going. Mag has been taking this pretty hard. I have been telling her every day that when it’s our time it will happen. The doctors from the very beginning have been telling us that they average a 55% success rate. I guess we always looked at that number from the 55% side and not the other 45%. Anyway, these are numbers. Mag doesn’t see it that way. I know we will have the best baby we can when our time has come. Every person is different and everyone has their own time. Ours is coming. I know it. Thank you all for your overwhelming support and prayers.

December 15, 2006

Now I just need to get another pap smear done. As you can read in Mag and Jeremy story, I had a LEEP procedure done last year due to cancerous cells on my cervix. If this one is negative, I can reduce the monitoring from every 3 months to just once a year.

Other than my gynecological problems, Jeremy and I are healthy, with the exception of a cold here and there. Since we are going to live in Czech now, we arranged for a permanent residency card for Jeremy. With this status, Jeremy gets the same benefits as a Czech citizen. Among others also a health insurance; $50 a months entitles him to see any doctor and any specialist, including dentist, without any co-pays or deductibles for any type of treatment.

Jeremy cannot get over how nice his Czech Primary Care Physician is. Very detailed, personal and makes house calls!

With the cost of US health insurance and their limits on what they cover and not, Jeremy is determined to get checked inside and out while in Czech. So far his experience with Czech health system includes: internal specialist, dentist, PCP and infertility specialist, of course.

We are staying pretty busy. Besides helping other couples get pregnant, we are looking for more options for our patients. We are exploring new places of interest for couples to see, new restaurants to visit, more accommodation to choose from and most importantly more clinics to choose from.

Living here and personally being here for every couple that decides to undergo the treatment in Czech is a greatly appreciated by our patients. They feel more relaxed knowing that they are not alone in a foreign country and that they can come over anytime. This feeling is priceless.

And what about our next attempt for pregnancy? If all the tests come back negative, our next embryo transfer will be at the end of January.

I would like to thank again for all your support, words of encouragement and prayers.


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