Our Story: Our Love and Our Hope

As a patient of IVF myself I, Magdalena Cogbill, founder of My IVF Alternative, share my story of the journey I have experienced while trying to become a Mom and seeking IVF treatment options in Czech….

Infertility doesn’t choose its victims by gender, age, race or income; it hurts anybody and tears great marriages apart. Jeremy was 33 and I was 28 and we had everything we could ask for – good jobs, nice home, some savings – we were just longing for a baby. We had no doubt it would happen soon as we are both very healthy. Click here for more of our IVF journey beginnings.

But little did I know that out of my biggest despair would come the greatest gift to me and hundreds of other couples in the same situation.

Nobody wants to put a price tag on their child, but the cost of treatment is often very prohibitive to many of us. We are no exception. After many sleepless nights and extensive research, I found a very successful clinic in my homeland, the Czech Republic.

Jeremy and I did not want to keep this to only ourselves, so we founded My IVF Alternative to help others in our position. As of 2013, My IVF Alternative has helped close to 700 couples with their IVF treatment.

Our life and marriage have been put through the ultimate test: test of faith, determination and dedication to each other.

As of 2013 it has been:

12 years since we got married

9 years since we started working on a family addition

8 years since we started seeing infertility specialists that couldn’t find anything wrong with either one of us

7 years since our miracle baby didn’t make it past 6 weeks

6.5 years since we’ve been trying to conceive with the help of IVF  and most of the specialists saying that I am the picture of perfect health

4 years since our 1st daughter was born thanks to a wonderful surrogate

1 year since I was able to conceive via in vitro fertilization and carry and deliver our 2nd daughter myself – text book perfect!

You can read more about my IVF journey’s ups and downs, our losses and miracles in my detailed diary: Mag’s IVF Diary: An Intimate Look at IVF

If I could do it, so can you! My self and the entire team of My IVF Alternative will make sure that you are most successful.