Soon-To-Be Mother’s Day

I still remember very clearly what it was like for me to be desperately trying everything possible and impossible

First Czech Natural Quintuplets – Best Chance for Donor Egg IVF Abroad?

When researching the best IVF clinic to provide us with the highest success rate for our IVF treatment with egg donation, should we consider the overall fertility of the area/country? It is

My IVF Alternative is the IVF Traveler

Being from the Czech Republic, getting my IVF babies there and working with the largest and most successful IVF clinic in Central Europe, I do visit Czech quite a lot

IVF Abroad – My IVF Alternative Leads the Way in the Czech Media

Louise, the first test tube baby, celebrates 35th birthday. She conceived her own son naturally.

John and Lesley Brown were a couple similar to other 60 to 80 million in the world who were struggling to conceive a. Unfortunately, it was the seventies of the last century and artificial insemination was at its beginning. The couple tried unsuccessfully for long 9 years

Parents Via Egg Donation: My Czech IVF Experience

It is a fact that our patients have a great IVF vacation experience and they want others to know about it. I am constantly referred to blog posts, interviews and news articles they write and share with the world.