IVF Abroad - My IVF Alternative Leads the Way in the Czech Media

IVF Abroad – My IVF Alternative Leads the Way in the Czech Media

I feel very fortunate to have found a fertility clinic that not only provided me and my husband with a support during

our struggles to conceive but helped not only us to the two beautiful daughters Audrey  and Payton we have today but thousands of other couples from all over the world as well.

I am sure that our story of recurrent miscarriages, implantation failure and therefore unsuccessful IVF treatments, is one of many that can inspire others to try other options and not to give up. But I am very privileged  that we are asked by the Reprofit clinic to be their testimonial and media icon every time we visit the Czech Republic. I am proud to provide interviews for the TV and radio stations, news and other media.

During our current visit to the Czech Republic, we have been asked to participate in a very special media promotion. The father of ART methods and a pioneered of new methods in IVF treatments himself,  Prof. MUDr. Ladislav Pilka, DrSc., celebrated his 80th birthday. At the same time, it has been 30 years since the first „test tube baby“ was born in the Czech Republic thanks to this exceptional man,  Reprofit International also introduced their first year of For Fertility congress. So definitely a reason to celebrate!

Our girls love to pose for the cameras and had a great time during all the photo shoots, interviews and video recordings.  I was providing interviews about our story, challenges we have encountered, solutions that worked for us and, of course, I couldn’t have forgotten to praise all the couples going strong together on their journey to fertility.

Would you like to see what it was like?

Checkout these pictures and video from the Czech national TV broadcast.
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