Accommodations During Your IVF Treatment in the Czech Republic

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic with its own regional airport. IVF patients traveling with us to the Czech Republic for their IVF treatment have actually several airports to choose from:

* IVF patients from UK can fly to Brno directly from London on WizzAir or Ryan Air

* some other European cities have the possibility of flying directly to Brno as well

* patients from other countries might find it easier to fly to one of the closest international airports such as Prague, Vienna or Bratislava

Not sure what is the best and most direct rout for you? Don’t worry, we’ll help you find the best airfare.

Whether you are coming for your IVF treatment with egg donation, donor embryo or ICSI IVF, you will most likely spend the most of you IVF vacations in Europe in Brno. Since only a few visits to the clinic are necessary, you will also have plenty of opportunity to travel to other cities during your in vitro fertilization treatment such as: Prague (capital of the Czech Republic), Vienna (capital of Austria), Budapest (capital of Hungary) just to name a few.

To ensure that your IVF vacations abroad are not only enjoyable but comfortable as well, we have prepared for you a list of accommodations to choose from to fit your needs and desires. Organizing in vitro fertilization treatments in the Czech Republic since 2006, we have visited many accommodations and negotiated discounted costs for some establishments to make sure you can choose the best stay during your IVF treatment abroad.

Many apartments and hotels are only a few minutes away from the fertility clinic, public transportation, shopping, restaurants and sightseeing, making it convenient for couples to go to their appointments and explore the locality. You can choose your lodging based on amenities, location or budget as our list of accommodations covers it all.


Popular especially among IVF patients coming to the Czech Republic for ICSI IVF using their own eggs, as their IVF vacations in the Czech Republic require the longest stay (up to 14 days). But apartments are also popular among our patients coming to Czech for their IVF with egg donation, especially if they are traveling with their family.

To ensure comfort, these apartments come complete with essential kitchen, bedroom and bathroom amenities. home entertainment usually includes cable TV with English channels, possibly a DVD player with a collection of English movies, and high-speed Internet.


If you prefer more amenities and services to be available to you during your IVF vacations in Europe, you can choose from hotels ranging from basic amenities to luxurious accommodations. As TV with English channels and high-speed Internet are usually a standard in most hotels, based on the type of hotel you choose, you can also enjoy: complimentary breakfast, sauna, massages, pool, spa services and more during your IVF treatments.

With quality accommodations that My IVF Alternative and our past IVF patients have enjoyed, you can have a stress-free and enjoyable experience abroad as you undergo your fertility treatment.

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