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The Leading Team of IVF SpecialistsNestled in the very heart of Europe, the Czech Republic is a popular destination for abroad IVF treatments not only for the affordability and safety of the procedure, but also for favorable laws and location. As a member of the European Union the Czech Republic is required to follow strict standards and safety guidelines and all IVF treatments are monitored by many governing agencies. Czech Republic is one of the few EU countries that have also written their own rules for IVF treatments allowing for a full range of fertility treatments.

My IVF Alternative has been working  with Reprofit International, Clinic of Reproductive Medicine in the Czech Republic from their foundation in 2006. Thanks to a dedicated work for our patients, My IVF Alternative team has been awarded a preferred IVF agency status from this clinic and thanks to an exclusivity agreement with the clinic, My IVF Alternative patients can expect priority attention to their fertility issues and in vitro fertilization treatments. Our patients can benefit from no waiting lists and schedule their treatments according to their own schedules.

My IVF Alternative Success Rates


2012 IVF Success RateAlthough, the IVF clinic performs close to impressive 3000 IVF cycles a year, My IVF Alternative success rates shown here are based on over 600 patients that we personally had the pleasure of guiding through their IVF treatment in the Czech Republic since 2006.
IVF Success Rate since 2006




Czech Republic, with its rich history, great architecture and delicious dining experience will keep anxious IVF travelers busy and their mind full of exciting new adventures. Being in the very center of Europe, the Czech Republic is a very convenient destination for those who would also like to visit some other European countries such as Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Hungary and more. Only a few appointments to the clinic are necessary, providing plenty of time spent IVF vacationing.
As an IVF patient, you can be confident and assured you are receiving a very personal medical care from an English-speaking, professional and caring medical staff in a proven and fully therapeutic IVF clinic.

Meet the staff of this highly sought after and the largest fertility clinic in Central Europe in this introductory video:

This IVF clinic is the very first clinic in the Czech Republic with a specialized egg donation program and uses the latest technology and methods of assisted reproduction, offering a complete and complex diagnosis and treatment of fertility disorders. The English-speaking medical staff prides itself on looking at fertility problems globally; using all healing procedures available including psychological support, physical therapy, auto-immune treatments, homeopathy and acupuncture that My IVF Alternative can easily fit into your IVF treatment procedure.  The IVF medical staff is personal, kind and focused on individual attention, with the goal of reducing the emotional stress of couples trying to get pregnant through In vitro fertilization. The IVF Clinic works to achieve a successful treatment with minimal risk and maximum comfort. The medical team is led by Prof. L. Pilka MD, Sc., and founder of IVF in the Czech Republic and the man behind GIFT. The leading IVF specialists of the clinic have significant knowledge and experience in reproductive medicine and have worked at IVF clinics in the Czech Republic and abroad.

The experienced team of IVF doctors, nurses, embryologists and counselors provide a full range of infertility counseling and treatment including “tailored” treatment (ovulation induction, IVF, ICSI, PICSI, PGD, TESE, gamete donation and much more) with the highest personal attitude and psychological support. The IVF Clinic emphasizes a very professional and personal attitude towards patients to diminish emotional stress during the IVF treatment.

In vitro fertilization has been performed since the end of the 70s, when the first “test tube” baby was born in Great Britain. Today women want to have children later than their parents’ generation and this reduces their chances of natural conception without IVF or other medical interventions.

Unlike some other countries with strict legislation, Czech law allows several days’ cultivation so that only the strongest and healthiest embryos can be selected for transfer. This rapidly increases the success of the IVF treatment. The doctors can also freeze surplus embryos and test them for genetic diseases (Germany and Italy, for instance, forbid such procedures). The IVF Clinic also has an exclusive contract with Jerusalem University and prestigious Israeli clinic Haddas, founded by Americans. About 20 Israeli couples have been coming to Brno each month since 2006. As all procedures for these patients must be Kosher, many other Jewish patients from around the world have been taking advantage of this above standard service. Because of the contract with Israel, the clinic has to follow very strict requirements (i.e. each donor’s file is tens of pages long; besides height, weight, age, hair/eye color, blood type, hobbies etc., genetic testing is determining factor for donor’s acceptance).

The IVF Clinic has more than 1500 young egg donors in their database tested by ASRM (American Society of Reproductive Medicine) criteria for gamete donation. 

Along with My IVF Alternative, the medical team at the IVF clinic is committed to helping In vitro fertilization patients achieve their goal of having a baby. They have a proven high rate of success for IVF and are committed to outstanding IVF patient care.

Reprofit is also a holder of ISO 9001:2008 certificate.

Team of IVF Specialists


Prof. Ladislav Pilka, M.D., DrSc.

Scientific Director

IVF specialist - Prof. Pilka

1990 – 1993 Head of Czech Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics
1990 – 1994 Head of Assisted Reproduction Department of Czech Society of Gynecology
1993 – Member of World collaborative report, Paris
1995 – Member of Central Ethic Committee of Ministry of Health Service of the Czech Republic
2003 – Honorary member of the Czech Society of Gynecology and Obstetrics

Significant Awards:
IFFS World Award for significant contribution in therapy of infertility and in reproductive medicine

World Primacy:
1982 – Member of a team that achieved the birth of the first child born after the application of assisted reproduction techniques in the Czech Republic and Eastern Europe

Stepan Machac, M.D., Ph.D.

IVF specialist, oocyte donation

1996 – 2004 OB/GYN Department of Palacky University Hospital Olomouc, IVF unit
2001 – 2006 Post gradual Ph.D. studies at Palacky University, Olomouc
2004 – 2006 UNICA, Institute of Reproductive Medicine, Brno – IVF specialist
2006 to date Reprofit International

Foreign experience:
1993 – 1994 Ely, Cambridge, Great Britain
1996 Orense, Spain

Membership: Section of Assisted Reproduction of the Czech Medical Society, ESHRE

Marek Koudelka, M.D.

IVF specialist, managing director




1993 – 2000 OB/GYN Department of Masaryk University Hospital, Brno

2000 – 2005 Sanatorium Helios Brno, IVF specialist

2005 UNICA, Institute of Reproductive Medicine Brno, IVF specialist
2006 to date Reprofit International

Foreign experience:
2004 Sydney IVF, Australia

Section of Assisted Reproduction of the Czech Medical Society, ESHRE



Marcel Stelcl, M.D.

IVF specialist

Hana Pospisilova, M.D.

IVF specialist


Michael Kozumplik, M.D.

IVF specialist

Eva Kopecna

IVF coordinator


Svetlana Mejtilova

IVF coordinator

Miquel Jara

IVF nurse


Bohdana Stefackova, Ing.