An Introduction to How My IVF Alternative Began

Dear Fertility Warriors,

As one of the millions “baby challenged” women in the world, not only have I experienced the emotional stress from the inability to conceive, but the huge out of pocket cost for In vitro fertilization has only made it worse. We had three options:

ivf baby dreams

  1. Get a loan for the IVF costs (get deeper in debt).
  2. Give up on having a child.
  3. Search for alternative IVF options.

My husband and I are fighters and achievers – we were determined to find a better way. We were looking for IVF alternatives to our fertility situation. Not only were we disappointed with our IVF doctor in Atlanta, GA where we live; the IVF cost of IVF treatment was another major “red light”. However, when we started our research on IVF, we were amazed at what we began to uncover.

People of all ages and conditions are traveling the world to get quality IVF treatment for MUCH less and with a greater success. In addition, there are great options such as traveling abroad for IVF vacations.

Together we focused our IVF treatment research on my home country – The Czech Republic. To our surprise we found that there are several private IVF clinics treating foreign patients for IVF, Donor Egg IVF and Donor Embryos for less. Already, we began to feel like we had options with In vitro fertilization – already we were closer to achieving our dream of starting a family.

We are thrilled to share with you our IVF program we have developed to make getting pregnant with IVF, during a short IVF vacation, an affordable, pleasant, and fun in vitro fertilization experience.

How does shopping, sightseeing, spa treatments, massages, history and quality time alone, or with your close friends or family sound? Most of our patients tell us that being away from their stressful jobs, cell phones that are constantly going off and rushing through heavy traffic to and from work; and instead they treated themselves to massages, explored a new country and tried new foods made them more relaxed and the entire trip was a very pleasant break.

I believe that the decision to start a family with IVF should not be made more stressful by insurance companies and some fertility clinics dictating what we can and cannot do when it comes to IVF treatments. As a result, my husband and I have decided to form My IVF Alternative to help other couples learn more about alternative IVF options. Learn from our personal experience and how we can offer in vitro fertilization with no waiting times and for less than couples could at their local fertility clinics. All that with a great personal attention and high medical standards.

IVF Treatment Program in the Czech Republic

Our IVF Treatment Program is an affordable and pleasant experience for In vitro fertilization. Our IVF treatment and IVF vacation packages are short itineraries:IVF in the Czech Republic

  • Non donor IVF: 8 – 14 days
  • Donor egg IVF: 7 days or less
  • Donor embryos: 3 days or less
  • Frozen embryo transfer: 3 days or less


In addition to a world class medical care you will receive when undergoing your IVF  treatment, you can plan a relaxing vacation that offers sightseeing and spa treatments, and an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful, historic cities of the Czech Republic and other nearby countries, such as Austria, Hungary, Germany, Poland and more.

Receiving IVF abroad not only offers huge cost savings on both the procedures and medications, but provides an exciting travel experience for the couple to enjoy. IVF vacations offer the perfect way to keep your mind off the treatment by getting to travel and enjoy the surrounding areas.

We hope you find this alternative IVF website helpful, educational and together we can make our dreams come true.

Best Wishes,

Magdalena Cogbill,
Founder of My IVF Alternative
Mother of two IVF daughters (1st via surrogacy, 2nd carried myself)