Louise Brown, Sir Robert Edwards

Louise, the first test tube baby, celebrates 35th birthday. She conceived her own son naturally.

John and Lesley Brown were a couple similar to other 60 to 80 million in the world who were struggling to conceive a child. Louise with parentsUnfortunately, it was the seventies of the last century and artificial insemination was at its beginning. The couple tried unsuccessfully for long 9 years before their daughter was born 35 years ago – first test tube baby in the world.

Gynecologist of Mrs. Brown found that her fallopian tubes are blocked beyond repair. So together with professor Robert Edwards offered to retrieve mature eggs from her ovaries via laparoscopy. Those were mixed with her partner’s sperm and created embryo was returned to her uterus 2 days later. Entire pregnancy was closely monitored and pregnancy was progressing normally. Louise was born July 25, 1978 via C-section. She weighed 2kg and 608 grams (4.4lbs). Four years later, the parents were successful with adding another daughter to the family via IVF again.

Louise and sister   Louise got married when she was twenty-six and two years later, she delivered son Cameron       (conceived naturally).

Since Louise’s birth thanks to this technique called in vitro fertilization, more than 5 million babies were born.

1st test tube baby in the Czech Republic  (a boy) was born 4 years later thanks to Professor Ladislav Pilka, as we have reported in June.