Donor Embryo IVF or Embryo Adoption IVF

Over the years, thousands of couples from all around the world have shared with me their heart aching stories of loss, pain and suffering over not being able to use their own reproductive cells (eggs and sperm) to become the mothers and fathers they so desperately want to be. Since traditional adoption (domestic or international) is very hard, expensive and lengthy with absolutely no guarantees, lots of couples are exploring the options of donor embryo IVF, also known as embryo adoption IVF abroad. This fertility treatment gives them not only hope but options as well with the added benefit of experiencing pregnancy.

Our donor embryos are NOT surplus embryos of other infertile couples!

Instead, only tested young men and women’s donated eggs and sperm are used for donor embryo IVF. So what are your options for Embryo adoption IVF?

1. Fresh donor embryos

Female egg donor is matched to you and her cycle is synchronized with yours. Her retrieved eggs are fertilized with donor sperm of your selection. This treatment is the same as our Donor Egg IVF but using donor sperm and not your partner’s. Donor sperm can come from our IVF Clinic’s extensive sperm bank or we can assist you with importing it from a different sperm cryobank. Benefit of going through fresh embryo donation IVF is that you have the opportunity to select the sperm and egg donor to match you and your partner as close as possible. Also, using fresh donor eggs yields a higher IVF pregnancy success rate; you also have a great chance of having surplus embryos from this donor embryo IVF and they can be frozen and stored for future siblings.

2. Frozen donor embryos

Eggs and sperm from healthy and tested donors are used to create embryos. Only the strongest and healthiest ones are frozen on day 5 or 6 at blastocyst stage. Usually, patients get 2 embryos for a single transfer (additional embryos can be arranged as well). Matching of donor embryos is rather limited in this fertility treatment as the embryos for adoption are already created.

Not sure where to go from here?

Team of My IVF Alternative, past successful fertility patients, is here to offer you a personal and experienced guiding hand through your IVF journey of embryo adoption IVF abroad. As a preferred and exclusive worldwide agency of the largest fertility clinic in Central Europe, you can expect the following:

  • no waiting for donor embryo IVF treatments (fresh or frozen)
  • scheduling your treatment abroad according to YOUR schedule – just let us know what time frame would work the best for your IVF vacations in Czech and we’ll make it happen!
  • up to 60% cost savings* with our embryo donation program in the Czech Republic(*based on donor embryo IVF treatment cost in some parts of the US)
  • personal support by past successful patients that have not only been through the IVF treatment abroad but guided HUNDREDS of other couples through their successful IVF treatments in the Czech Republic with personal experience, care and compassion
  • top medical care and personal attention to your needs by the IVF Clinic
  • high success rate for pregnancy with embryo adoption IVF thanks to My IVF alternative’s personal, experienced, stress free and precise guidance and more..

My IVF Alternative success rates for donor egg IVF treatments in the Czech Republic.

Currently, the fertility clinic can help up to 90% of infertile couples (this is a total number of patients that have applied for their IVF treatment and achieved pregnancy at this fertility clinic).

In comparison with the available results of the effectiveness of infertility treatments in Europe, our fertility clinic is way above average and among the leaders in their field (source:
The Czech fertility clinic performs close to 3000 IVF cycles a year. Out of this impressive total number of embryo transfers, in 2012, 457 were donor embryo IVF embryo transfers
with a success rate of 45% (hCG pregnancy success rate).

Since we have had the privilege of working with the IVF Clinic since its foundation in 2006, we have assisted many couples in need of embryo adoption IVF; we could keep records of our patients’ IVF treatment success and these are our results (FET):

My IVF Alternative 2012 success rate for FET 55.6%

My IVF Alternative success rate since 2006 for FET is: 44.1%

To see more details, including fresh donor embryo success rates included under DE IVF, visit My IVF Alternative success rates page.

Donor Embryo IVF scheduling.

No matter if you decide to use fresh embryo donation for your IVF treatment in the Czech Republic ( where the clinic’s extensive egg donor database of over 1500 tested and ready to donate donors is available to you) or you prefer donor embryo IVF using embryos already created and frozen, precise coordination and scheduling of your treatment is still very important. A lot has to happen before you come for your 1-3 day IVF vacation to the Czech Republic to complete your embryo donation IVF treatment. We have even assisted patients flying to Brno in the morning, having their embryo transfer  and flying home in the afternoon of the same day – still with the same success rate! We can arrange for your donor-embryo IVF treatment in the Czech Republic in as early as five weeks for couples using fresh embryo donation IVF and in as little as three weeks for couples using frozen donor embryos for their IVF treatment.

Your next question on your mind probably is:

Who are Czech donors and how does the matching process work?

You can refer to our Donor Egg IVF page for more details about who the donors are, including some pictures of Czech girls from my personal album. Just like with any other donation in the Czech Republic,  donor egg/donor sperm or complete donor embryo is mutually anonymous but My IVF Alternative patients can benefit from our donor matching assistance:

  • detailed explanation of the embryo adoption IVF abroad process to you
  • listening to your needs and desires
  • relationship with the IVF clinic and the key staff members
  • donor embryo matching service since 2006
  • most importantly – PERFECT knowledge of not only English but also CZECH language and culture

My IVF Alternative can best ensure that the donor matching team of IVF doctors has all the right information to offer you a match. We can advocate for you to get more than the standard information on a possible donor embryo match (age, blood type, height, weight, hair color, eye color, achieved education). When requested (and if available), we are able to find out additional information about our patient’s possible egg and sperm donor such as: type of education and degree (BA minimum), if the donors have their own children, if they were previous successful donors (proven donor) or  first time donors, additional characteristics, etc.

Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic with lots of high quality schools and universities. Education is highly valued in the Czech Republic and greatly taken advantage of by the Czech population.Our egg donors are well educated.

What is the treatment and coordination cost of IVF with egg donation in Czech with My IVF Alternative?

If you have been through the infertility nightmare or you read about us or our personal IVF journey , you know what expenses can arise during a fertility treatmennt.  You can also read and watch video testimonials of our IVF patients sharing their details. One common thing for all of us was the unknown of HOW MUCH we will actually end up spending when the IVF treatment is complete as there always seemed to be extras. Spending a fortune and still not knowing the total cost just added additional stress to already emotional, stressful and time demanding treatments for us in the US.
To make sure this is not the case for our IVF patients during their ivf journey in the Czech Republic, the ivf treatment and coordination cost is a package, covering all aspects of the donor-embryo IVF treatment and coordination.
My IVF Alternative is constantly conducting research for discounts, grants and other programs to further lower the total cost of your IVF treatment with egg donation in the Czech Republic. Since 2006, we have provided HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF $$$ to our IVF patients via grants, discounts and other saving programs. We can help you as well!

What all is included in the donor-embryo IVF vacation package?:

  • All coordination between you and the Clinic
  • Medical history review by the Clinic
  • Protocol establishment by the Clinic
  • Protocol understanding and med. administration guidance as prescribed by the Clinic
  • Cost of 1 or 2 cryopreserved donor embryos
  • Embryo transfer
  • Assistance with currency exchange and payments in the Czech Republic
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Assistance with eligible grants and discounts applications
  • Extensive travel’s guide that includes tips and advice on savings, insurance, comparisons, spa, sightseeing, dining, movies, shopping, tours, general info about Czech, our negotiated discounts on accommodation and more
  • We can also assist with arranging for your special vacationing requests, local Czech/English speaking hostess and representative, cell phones, special travel arrangements and more.

Our Commitment to you:

We are specialized experts committed to our patients  during their IVF journey and up-to-date with best practices. My IVF Alternative is offering affordable IVF treatments in the Czech Republic andcompassionate support for couples from all around the world. Our knowledge of both English and Czech language and culture helps you get the best IVF treatment experience overseas. My IVF Alternative is the leading and most established company for IVF treatments in the Czech Republic. Helping couples around the world since 2006!

You can also benefit from joining our Facebook communityand connecting with other donor egg IVF patients or happy parents via egg donation abroad.

We continuously strive to provide as much information as possible about IVF treatments abroad and traveling to the Czech Republic to further minimize any anxiety, stress or fears. Please visit our YouTube channel and subscribe to see the latest videos such as: what an embryo transfer is like, what is ICSI, what happens with your eggs, sperm and embryos behind the scenes, meet the staff of the fertility clinic, touring the Czech Republic and much more. Do you have a suggestion for a video you would like to see on our YouTube channel? Please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Please know that this page provides only general information about embryo adoption IVF in the Czech Republic. We are all individuals and we approach each patient’s fertility treatment abroad with that very important fact in mind. We will take you through your IVF journey by our experienced and supporting guiding hand.

I am wishing you, from the bottom of my heart, a very pleasant and successful fertility treatment in the Czech Republic!

Magdalena Cogbill,
Founder of My IVF Alternative
Mother of two IVF daughters (1st via surrogacy, 2nd carried myself)


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