At My IVF Alternative we are so pleased to have been able to help so many couples start their family through In vitro fertilization. Couples that have asked us for our IVF assistance, come from all over the world but just to name a few territories: United States of America, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, Colombia, Caribbean, Africa, United Kingdom, Ireland, Spain, Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Norway, France, Germany, Poland, Austria, Greece, Italy, Slovakia, Russia, Hungary, Romania, Dubai, Middle East, India, Pakistan, China, Japan, New Zealand, Australia and many many more.

Please read the following stories of our IVF patients who wanted to share their struggles, offer hope and encouragement for the journey you are considering through My IVF Alternative. Our patients are regular couples just like you and I. At My IVF Alternative we have also had the privilege to help medical doctors, attorneys, military personnel, business owners from around the world and a few celebrities as well who just said NO MORE to high cost and limited medical service and YES to savings, great medical care and IVF vacation. Here are their stories:

I had the best experience and the highest praise for Mag and Jeremy. My husband is an MD and I’m a PA so our medical standards are high. We were absolutely impressed with Mag, the quality of the clinic, the great staff, their success rates, and Dr. Mac who was nothing short of amazing. I received medical care that easily equaled if not exceeded our care in the states. One wonderful way their care fully surpassed our experience in the states was the amazing trip it included. We would walk down gorgeous cobblestone streets, go to the opera, eat in great cafes, look at each other and say, “Wow, this is SO much better than driving to Dr. D’s office!!” It was honestly a beautiful vacation that happened to include about 3 hours of medical care (we did the donor cycle). I know being so relaxed and calm helped us get pregnant with twins on our first trip! Their success rate with donor eggs is phenomenal!

Mag is wonderful; she has a heart for each and every client. She became an instant friend. She is both amazingly kind and competent. Mag will guide you through the whole process and explain everything that is going on. She knows fertility medicine and protocols like the back of her hand. She gave me so much attention and support that I would have sworn that I was her only client, which was certainly not the case. If I called with a question or concern, she answered her phone immediately, no matter which country she was in, and was knowledgeable supportive. The only time that she couldn’t directly answer (she was in the clinic with another client), she called back within the hour. That support and concern continues long after your cycle is completed, she still keeps in contact which I love. I initially started this process with another company/couple that had much more publicity, and had the completely opposite experience. I felt like I was just another pesky number in a over-publicized, understaffed, and overworked company. I am grateful that I found Mag and IVF Alternative instead.

It sounds crazy, but Greg and I agree that it wouldn’t have been devastating if we failed our first trip, because we would get to go back and see everyone and everything again. Oh yeah, and shop more! When we had failed cycles in the states (we had many, many failures here) we felt like our money just went to waste. It just evaporated. Even if we didn’t get pregnant on our first try in the Czech Republic, our money gave us a great vacation and memories. The Czech Republic is a very easy and beautiful country to travel in, the locals are friendly, a lot of people speak English, and the food is great. Mag will guide you through all the travel and even schedules massages!!

I would love to answer any questions you may have as I have had experience with both companies. I also have great photos of the clinic and the surrounding area. Again, we are both so very grateful to Mag for providing such a great service. She has changed our lives for the better

Paula and Greg, California
To see pictures of their detailed IVF diary in Czech and their baby girls, please visit their blog at:

Dear Prospective MyIvfAlternative customers:

My husband and I probably had the same thoughts you are thinking right now, after everything we have been through on this Fertility roller-coaster this all seems too good to be true. The couple of friends we mentioned our plans to asked, “How can you be sure it is what they say”. I said that some of it is blind faith. Faith in the references we checked, faith in the chat forum’s I found of others that have been, and faith that there are people out there that want to help us reach our goal in a more affordable manner.

I am writing this letter to let you know that it is not too good to be true. It is too good and it is all true! Mag, her husband, and our local hostess/coordinator Eva, were all fantastic, helpful and always took a caring approach. Everything the web page states is true, everything Mag tells you is true. My comfort with using MyIvfAlternative and Mag’s team intensified after receiving her contract and realizing that she has an LLC and a very good contract in place. In addition, her knowledge and the care she took too make us feel comfortable was amazing. There was no such thing as too many questions or a dumb question with her, she was there to help. She was there to help throughout everything, and even now that we are back home!

Then we arrived in Europe! We spent our first night in Vienna as it just worked out that way with airfare. Eva was scheduled to meet us at the Student Agency bus stop and she was there as promised and took great care of us from then on out. Brno is a great little town with good food, beer and wine. We took a trip to Prague and to Mag’s home town of Slavkov u Brno.

More importantly, the clinic and the Doctors and their staff are excellent. They speak English; however, Eva accompanied us to all appointments just to be sure. I felt very relaxed and comfortable. My husband and I did donor eggs due to my low ovarian reserve and poor quality, and a donor egg cycle is a bit more relaxing on the woman. However, the Doctors, their staff, and myivfalternative made us feel just as comfortable with the process as any of the Doctors we met with or discussed our condition with in the U.S. The clinic is different and the same as the ones in the U.S. They have the same waiting rooms, they have the procedure rooms, the embryologist’s have a room right off the transfer room, etc. If you have been through IVF in the U.S. you will recognize all the steps and the clinic.

We are home and currently 14 weeks pregnant with twins!! We are lucky, and very excited. We have lived the roller-coaster of infertility like you may have done yourself and we understand. Mag and her team, along with the Doctors and the clinic staff, will do their best to assist you in your goals. I am available to talk via email if you would like further information email me at

I could truly write pages about our wonderful experience with My IVF Alternative. Like all of the other testimonials on this page, I could gush about the coordinators, the clinic, the doctors, our vacation, etc. And I’m not a gusher! I’m realistic and to the point. (I think the trials of infertility made me that way.)

Point blank, this was the best decision my husband and I made in our fertility journey. We were deciding between a second attempt at our clinic in Illinois, or traveling abroad. When I learned about My IVF Alternative – a less expensive option AND a vacation – the first thing I thought was, “Yeah right.” The second thing I did was contact past clients and ask them for the “negatives” of going this route. I can honestly say that from the 6 people I spoke with on the telephone or through email, no one had a single negative thing to say. Having now gone through the experience myself, I don’t either.

When Magdalena responded to my initial email in the early morning hours on a Sunday, I knew the company meant business and my husband and I decided to take the leap. It was everything the other testimonials tell you, and more. I can’t put into words the sheer gratitude I feel toward Magdalena and Jeremy for helping couples like my husband and I on our fertility journey. Words cannot explain…

I love sharing our experience and would be happy to talk to anyone who has questions. I began as a skeptic, but now I am a believer!!! Please send Magdalena an email to get my contact info – I’d love to share our experience!

I almost forgot – our trip to Brno resulted in two beautiful daughters. They are the answers to years of prayers, and the light of our lives.

Thanks again to the Cogbill’s and My IVF Alternative!

Julie, Wisconsin

After getting married in 2005, my husband and I spent the next 5 years trying to conceive, eventually trying 3 rounds of artificial insemination (IUI) without success. After consulting a fertility clinic, they suggested I have an antral follicle count to assess my ovarian reserve. To my astonishment, they found no antral follicles at all, and the idea of IVF with my own eggs was impossible. I was devastated. It was a dark time for me, filled with questions and tears. A few months later, I discovered the MyIVFAlternative website. The testimonials were amazing, and I realized that I was not alone, that so many others were struggling along with me. The idea of an IVF vacation seemed the perfect solution, and it was one- third of the cost of the donor egg IVF procedure in the US. We decided to make some inquiries, and after my initial conversation with Mag, I was introduced to Sue Taylor, the donor egg IVF coordinator. She had a blend of compassion and technical knowledge that I related to, since I have a Masters in science and had spent 12 years doing tissue culture in the lab. After some months of planning and coordination, we took our trip to Czech Republic in June, and had a wonderful time. We had 2 clinic visits, and both times we were impressed with the professionalism and friendliness of the doctors and staff. The clinic was modern and had state-of-the art equipment. We felt like we were in great hands, especially with our caring coordinator Barbora, and our excellent doctor (Dr. Marcel). The embryo transfer went smoothly, and I felt very peaceful and calm. We are home now and I am happy to say that I am pregnant with twins! I never thought this day would come after such a long struggle, but we are proof that this process can work. Thanks to MyIVFAlternative, we’re on our way to our dreams of having a family.

Shannon and Paul Krueger
Madison, Wisconsin

When my wife and I first found out that we needed fertility assistance with donor eggs to have a child we were overwhelmed. We didn’t know what to think, what to do or what our next step would be. We started by going to different fertility clinics in California for consultations. The clinics we went to were nice and I assume competent. However, the pricing was so high that we couldn’t afford to use them. We were stuck. So we came up with a plan–save save save and then get a 15 year loan and then revisit the fertility clinics.

Fast forward a year. We finally had the funds in place, we selected a fertility plan and were on our way to do it. The day before our new consultation I called to see if there were any other expenses and I was devastated to learn that it would be an additional $20k for anesthesiologist, donor compensation and meds. We were forced to cancel. That night, hearing my wife cry from the bedroom was my motivation to find a solution. I started researching fertility clinics and came across myivfalternative and was intrigued. I then researched almost every fertility clinic on the web but kept coming back to myivfalternative. I then started calling and emailing clients from their testimonials page. They all had such wonderful things to say. Most had spent 50K or more here in the US and wished they would have used myivfalternative first.

So I called Mag. I had no Idea at the time but we were in the best hands. Mag runs a well oiled machine. First, she answered all our questions, she had a package that we could afford and provided coordinators to prepare us prior to traveling to Czech Republic, coordinators to meet us at the Czech Republic and follow up coordinators.

I would like to take this time and personally thank your team. First Sue: is our pre and post trip coordinator.

Sue is a true professional. She made sure everything prior to the trip was in place so that we could just go take care of business and enjoy a stress free European Vacation. She was always on time to our phone meetings. She made sure that we had all the information we needed to succeed. We would email her sometimes as late as 10 pm at night with questions and to our surprise we would get an answer the same night. We didn’t expect that kind of service but because this is such an emotional process we couldn’t t be more grateful to such a knowledgeable reliable and comforting person. We have been back from our trip now 24 weeks and she is still making us feel like we are her only client. Thank you Sue.

Barbora: was our Czech Coordinator.

Barbora was the best. She was always on time to all of our appointments. She picked us up from the Train Station in Brno, took us to our apartment and even to the grocery store. She provided us with all the information to make our stay not only comfortable but enjoying. She always went the extra mile for us. She was our guide on a tour of the city and taught us how to get around without her. She was amazing. Her title was coordinator but we think of her as a friend.

The Clinic: As good as any here in the US. Very professional and friendly. My experience with myivfalternative has been beyond what I could have imagined. My wife is 24 weeks pregnant and we are expecting our first little miracle Nov 19th 2011. If you are considering myivfalternative and have any questions or would like to speak with either of us we would love to help. You can reach us as

My name is Carina. If you on this website you have come to a GREAT place. Mag and the crew at My IVF Alternative is wonderful at what they do! Countless families have been completed thanks to their wonderful service. I contacted Mag via the website in 2007. I was diagnosed with stage III endometriosis. My tubes were completely useless. But my husband and I wanted a child! We were determined. I found Mag thru a friend she helped with IVF. Mag and Reprofit where highly recommended. I did my research and started the process. She held my hand thru the entire thing. Any questions I had she would respond VERY fast!! It was truly a vacation in Brno with perfect souvenirs :) My husband and I flew out of ATL into Vienna where Eva was waiting..what a surprise to see Mag there as well! We had some tea and went to our apartment. The very next day we met with the doctors at Reprofit. Eva took us to all our appointments and even a tasty dinner. They where truly amazing and welcomed us with open arms!! We felt very comfortable thru the entire process. We never felt rushed or pressured. We stayed in Brno for 15 days. While there we did lots of site seeing and lots of shopping :)

We ended up with 13 eggs. 11 where made into embies…5 of those made it to day 5 :) 2 of the best where selected and transferred. 9 months later Nov 12 2008 we had beautiful perfect twins!! We are truly soo thankful for My IVF alternative and Reprofit for their wonderful service!!!!

My husband and I got back from the Czech Republic last Thursday. We would like to say a big thank you to all involved, the whole trip went without a hitch. With all the information that was provided to us, accommodation, transport etc, we were able to just enjoy the break, relax and not have to worry at all. The apartment was fantastic, so central to everything and close to the clinic. We found the Reprofit Clinic to be an excellent experience, all staff that we encountered were professional, pleasant and put us both at ease. We could not have asked for a better experience, especially as this was our first time.

I was advised to take a pregnancy test today, 8th April, which has come back positive!!!! :o) , I know it is early days and that we have a long way to go but it is great news.

I will keep you informed of how things are progressing, I can’t thank you enough for all your help and support, because you were both so knowledgeable I was totally stress free and confident with what I needed to do which I know helped immensely, you do a fantastic job

Many thanks and best wishes.

Happy parents-to-be from England

We were diagnosed with unexplained infertility. I’d undergone IVF here in Dallas and after $20,000 there was nothing to show for it. The clinic I went to was like a cattle call, I was simply a number. August 26th, 2009 they called to inform me that it was a BFN (big fat negative) they did not even say “I’m sorry for your loss”.

I’d lost all faith and was heart broken.

Goodness only knows how one night wandering the internet, and I stumbled across “”. I kept reading the information over and over again wondering “is this real? Or a scam?”

There were email addresses on some of the testimonials, so I sent each one an email asking if this was the “real deal”? They responded with a resounding “YES”!!!!!!

I then sent an email to Mag, September 8th 2009. She responded the very next day. I then spoke to her over the phone a few days later. She was incredibly sincere, honest and very helpful. It felt like I asked her a thousand questions!  She was also in the Czech Republic while all these questions and phonecalls were going! She was very patient, kind and sensitive to what I had just gone through….

She put us in the hands of her US co-ordinator who helped us every step of the way. Lots of paperwork, testing, co-ordination, scheduling, timing, it wasn¹t easy but we got through it.

We were super excited to get on the plane and fly to Prague. This was a vacation my husband and I were really looking forward to.

Our co-ordinator in the Czech Republic helped us with pick-ups and transfers to the clinic. The doctors and nurses spoke very good English and many of them have been trained here in the US with the best of them.

Our questions were answered and the procedure went very smoothly.

Were were supposed to head back to the US when Icelandic volcanic ash grounded all flights in Europe. We were in Europe for 4 weeks instead of 2. My husband and I ended up spending an extra week in Prague and then another week in Madrid when finally the ash lifted enough to catch a flight back to the US. Even through all the stress of trying to figure out, how to get back home, when we arrived – I went to the doctor and found out that we were pregnant!  Later we discovered that my 3 eggs had taken and we were expecting triplets!!!

I can’t thank Mag enough for everything she did for us and we will never forget the wonderful experience we had in the Czech Republic. This was truly an amazing adventure and we came home with 3 beautiful Czech souvenirs – born November 4th, 2010! We are truly triply blessed!

Faith has been restored and my heart has mended, all thanks to Mag and her incredible team of miracle workers!

Kindest regards,

I can honestly say that this last cycle, which was with MyIVFAlternative at Reprofit was easier and smoother than any other. Maybe this is why it worked! In general, Mag and her coordinators that she assigned to me kept me thinking positive all through the cycle. I’d had a lot of BFN’s, and it was so hard to believe that first faint hpt line was for real! I’m glad I flew directly in to Brno, and the accommodation was perfect for me. The entire staff at Reprofit made me feel at ease and very comfortable. It was greatly more relaxed than any of my USA tries. They were excellent quality and more honest and diligent than the ones I’ve encountered in the USA. Also, I have never got the feeling, in either trying with my own eggs or this donor cycle, that they were a fertility money-mill kind of place, while in the USA, that is almost always the way the fertility clinics here feel. I’ve consulted with quite a few other clinics and used the services of several. It’s a good feeling that they aren’t over stimming the donors in ways that might have bad health repercussions at Reprofit, like some places do. I went overseas to Argentina also, and rate Reprofit higher than clinics there as well. I like that it is not a split cycle at Reprofit as I feel much more confident that this cycle worked. Both local and overseas, I felt like I got a lot of support from My IVF Alternative coordinators that just doesn’t exist in the USA for treatment. A bit like a personal assistant/buddy to see me through the process. I’m anticipating an uneventful pregnancy and was so excited about the BFP outcome! I’m still over the moon happy, and trying to connect that this is really happening to me! Sue, you’ve been super. Really appreciated the extra emails/hand-holding. After so many negatives, I am sure you helped it to succeed by keeping calm and positive, so thanks very much. Keep in touch if you have time. After all we are in the same metro area :)

Suzy (So. CA)


I want to say thank you for what you do. You give hope to others who have been struggling for years to conceive. You’ve been through the same heart ache a lot of us are going through. I know you understand all the ups and downs of infertility.

It’s an amazing experience to be able to vacation in a beautiful country and do fertility treatments at the same time. It helps out a lot when you are able to relax and it gets your mind off your troubles. The most relaxing thing we did was the Salt Caves. WOW! I wish we had that here in the US, it is so relaxing. Brno is such an amazing city; there are a lot of things to keep you busy like the Zoo, Castles, Churches and all the different types of food and grocery stores. There is a lot of history to explore. We were glad to be able to experience the different cultures and the different ways of living. We even lost weight while we were there.

It’s been a long journey for us; we’ve been trying for six years and had four failed pregnancies. We were so discouraged and got tired of hearing “it will happen, you just need to relax.” We discovered that I had an auto immune disease called Antiphospholipid Syndrome, which causes miscarriages. My husband and I almost gave up and we knew for sure that God had plans for us to use a surrogate to carry our baby. My fertility doctor here in the states recommended us to try IVF at least one time; we knew there was no way we could afford that. A friend of ours suggested going abroad to do the treatments. We did a lot of researching and Myivfalternative was a perfect fit. Mag was awesome and very thorough; she had to be that way to be able to work with me. I wanted to know everything. We had peace about this journey and stepped out in to faith. The doctors at Reprofit knew how to treat my auto immune disease and suggested several treatments during the process. They were wonderful (thanks goes to Dr. Mac and Dr. Marek) and our coordinator, Eva, was a great help. She made sure we were well taken care of. The doctors were very informative and went over each step with us. We ended up with 2 little healthy embryos of our own. What a blessing!

Currently, we are pregnant and everything is going just perfect! We heard our baby’s heartbeat and we just fell in love. We’ve made special memories and also the best gift of all… a baby.

I would love to answer any questions you may have and will share our experience along with pictures of our vacation/fertility journey.

Rachel and Russ Tidwell; Locust Grove, Georgia
To see pictures of our detailed IVF diary in Czech, please visit our blog at:

It’s really hard to describe what a great experience we’ve had! We cannot recommend My IVF Alternative and Reprofit highly enough. After five years of failure and feeling exploited by the fertility industry in the U.S., we were blown away by our experience in Czech. From the moment I first talked with Magdalena, I knew this was absolutely right for us. And we are amazed at how beautifully everything worked out.

Mag was always available and a joy to work with. Unlike the staff at my former clinic, I really felt like she cared and went out of her way to reassure me at every step. (And I need a lot of hand-holding!) The protocol before we left was simple and I felt like our Czech doctor had really taken time to look at my medical history. We planned a wonderful vacation, and with only two appointments, we had plenty of time to relax and enjoy. We rented a car from Prague airport. Brno is a lovely two hour drive. We also made lots of trips from Brno to Krakow and the Polish and Slovak countryside. My husband wants to emphasize how easy it is to drive with a Garmin GPS (and no, he doesn’t work for Garmin.)

We were especially impressed with the clinic – very professional, yet friendly and warm. Again, we felt cared for, like we were more than a statistic. Everything was just so much easier and more civilized. The facilities were newer and nicer than ours in the States. We loved our doctor, and immediately trusted him. We also loved having our wonderful coordinator, Barbora, to take us to appointments, to chat with and to support us in so many ways.

We would be raving about our experience regardless of the outcome. It was SO worth it. But it gets even better! For the first time, we received good news from our beta results and are praying that we will put an addendum here in eight months. Meanwhile, we are still feeling very supported by Mag and Reprofit. We can never thank you enough. It’s been a long road, but you’ve made the final stretch the smoothest!

Please don’t hesitate to use us as a reference (or GPS consultant) for other couples.

Carri Abrahms and Chen Zhao
San Francisco, CA

Dear Mag,

My husband and I have just returned from a wonderful trip to the Czech Republic. I can’t begin to thank you enough for your program. At a time when I felt most devastated, I found your website and your team at My IVF Alternative have been my angels…

I must admit I was a bit nervous when I began this adventure, but your team was always there answering any questions I might have and making me feel like a person rather than a number like most of the fertility specialists in the states. From the time we landed in Brno to the time our plane lifted up, we were made to feel special. Barbora was fabulous! She met us at the airport and took us straight to our hotel. She made sure we did not need anything and got us settled into our room. She even came to my rescue when I needed a converter! She was there for all my silly questions and worries and never made me feel foolish for asking. She gave me peace of mind I never got in the states!

While we were waiting for our embryos to fertilize, we took a 2 day trip to Salzburg in Austria and a day trip to Germany! We saw the most fabulous sites and got to see the countryside while on the train! It was so exciting that we almost forgot why we were there in the first place! It completely took my mind off of everything and I was able to relax! We explored everything we could until our transfer day! The staff at Reprofit were so kind and compassionate. Dr. Stelcl was the greatest! He explained everything very thoroughly and never made me feel as if any of my questions were foolish. The clinic was top notch and even cleaner than offices in the states. My husband is a paramedic and we were both very impressed!

We had a 5 day transfer on Sunday, May 9th- Mother’s Day…………… You can’t get better than that! I am praying it holds some significance. These two weeks have been the longest of my life. I test tomorrow and we both decided that if for some reason we were not fortunate enough to be pregnant this time, at least we had a wonderful trip and brought back some memories! We will try again and go back to Brno if we are unsuccessful. I plan to share with everyone I know about your program in case there are others out there like myself who need an alternative to the high costs of IVF in the states. Even if we could afford the cost here in the states, we have decided that anyone who has the procedure here is crazy when they can vacation in Europe and come home with a baby!

Again, I can’t thank you enough Mag! Thank you for sharing your story and for gathering the greatest group of people together to work with you to help make others dreams come true! I will be thinking positive fertile thoughts for the next 4 days! Whatever happens, I am grateful to you!

Erin Tite


What an amazing experience. Everything was beautiful. I would recommend going abroad for IVF and using MyIVFAlternative to anyone!

I loved the professionalism of Mag, Sue, Mona and Barbora. Never was a message unreturned, an e mail ignored. Everything I needed was already thought of. I felt safe and confident going into this experience.

Shondra, USA

I would like to start by saying that if you have reached this website it is not by coincidence but by fate. Infertility can be a devastating diagnosis to come to terms with, but there is HOPE out there for women like us. One very lonely night I saw this website and called my husband to the office yelling “Baby come and see”. He was skeptical at first, but I knew right away that this could be the beginning of a dream come true for us. I say for us because not only my husband desires a baby but also my son desires a sibling, that for the last 10 years I have been trying to give him. I contacted Mag and she responded right away to all my questions and concerns. Before you know it I was assigned to Sue a superb and magnificent coordinator. I felt so comfortable with her, here in the United States at least in my experience no one takes the time to call you, write to you, and reassure you when needed. She was the best friend I needed in this rollercoaster of emotions!

My experience at the clinic was AMAZING!!!! Everyone spoke English very well, I asked them to be discrete about the details of the treatment in front of my son and everyone in that office honored my request. Denisa was a cordial, supportive and an excellent coordinator who made us feel welcomed. The clinic is a beautiful, soothing place, and extremely organized and clean, much nicer than the ones in the States. I was only there a total of 3 hrs the first day we arrived and the day of the transfer. Brno was a very beautiful little town; we visited different places for us and my son to enjoy. We went to Jungle Park (Awesome) for kids and adults to enjoy, The Moravsky Caves, Spilberk Park, and many more. Prague was beautiful as well!!!! , there is a store of Slovak souvenirs I just loved! We stayed at Eva´s apartments and they were GREAT!!!!!. We felt at home the 7 days we were there. I am so exited to announce that it worked on the first try and I am pregnant… Thanks to God, Mag, Sue, Denisa, and Reprofit my dream came true!

A Blessed family

Our vacation itself has been awesome! We have really enjoyed ourselves and the Prague/Vienna excursions were great. Most of all, Denisa has been truly spectacular! She has been spot on with all communications/pick-ups/info. etc. and has even gone above and beyond on several occasions even assisting me with buying the mattress sheets I ended up falling in love with and bringing crystals to the apt. so I could bring back treats to my friends/co-workers. In addition to being efficient, she is so friendly and personable and is so adept at putting us at ease. I work in HR and don’t give these words of praise lightly. Just wanted you to know you are truly a gem and one worth hanging on to.

Excited parents-to-be

You can read a blog by a Canadian patient at:

Another blog by My IVF Alternative patient:

Dear Mag,

I wanted to write and say hello and send you an update.  We have been “home” from our embryo transfer for about an hour and a half now and we’re enjoying a quiet afternoon.  The weather is beautiful here in Brno, the sun shining in our windows and very noisy birds singing nearby.

We have really enjoyed our trip and experience, and have loved working with your mom – she has taken excellent care of us! She is so sweet. We got to meet your dad too and feel so well taken care of by your family. We also love our little apartment and are really glad we opted to stay here rather than a hotel…it has been perfect for us and we’re loving the Indian restaurant right downstairs. We’ve eaten lots of “naan!”

The clinic has also been wonderful to work with – we had a very challenging transfer today – Dr. Stephan said we made him sweat. The nurse and the embryologist were so warm and caring though, and I really appreciated their support. Such kind people.

Thank you for all that you have done. I re-read the story of your journey today and am in awe of all you have gone through, are going through, and all that you’ve done to help others like us.  You are an incredible woman!  I want you to know I am wishing you all the best and hope that you are taking some time for you – I know how hard you work for others, and want to remind you to give the same to yourself!

Thank you for opening your life and family to us, I feel very blessed to have “discovered” and worked with My IVF Alternative…whatever the outcome may be.

More soon… 

Dearest Mag,
I am writing to thank you for the beautiful floral arrangement presented to me by Eva for my birthday. I am so grateful and I was so happy. It could have not been at a better time, right before ET. I know that you received my other e-mail stating that everything went well. It is getting late so I will not be lengthy, but I want to say that I have been very pleased and in fact impressed with everything.

You are providing a great service to thousands of women that are challenged with infertility daily. You could not have wanted a better coordinator than Eva. I would not even want to walk in her shoes. She is gentle, efficient, compassionate, and most of all is she prompt. When Eva tells you, she is going to be at your residence at a certain time, she is out there even before the specified time. I caught onto that and started coming out even earlier (Smile). You are not even here watching over her, but she is certainly on her job and cares so much for people. You betta watch it because I might take her back with us on Saturday!

I got emotional today because honestly we live in America and think, “America the Beautiful” but I have not been treated with such respect and dignity as I have been treated here in Brno. Some office and hospital staff in the states are so unruly and impolite. Dr. Stepan is wonderful as well as the entire staff at Reprofit. One could not ask for more! Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable! It makes the transition a lot easier to bear. I feel so loved here. I mean it brings so much optimism when you leave the clinic.

I just want to say, “Thank You” from the bottom of my heart. On behalf of my husband and I, thank you for everything! I thank God for your experience because without it, we would not have found you, and because of your experience, you are able to minister to other women. I know that when you are ready to try again, you will have your babies! Your love, your testimony, your continued will to conceive, and an increased willingness to help others has been displayed and continues to be expressed and it is greatly appreciated.

We sometimes question why we have to go through certain things in our lifetime especially while trying to conceive, but this is not a trial, this is a triumph! There is so much more that I can say, but I don’t have enough time in one day to express how sincerely grateful I am for everything. It was more than worth it!

With kindest regards,

The IVF vacation was truly a wonderful experience and we highly recommend this option to other couples looking for an affordable option to help create their family. My husband and I decided to go the IVF donor route after a miscarriage, several failed IUI attempts and age concerns. Unfortunately, our insurance does not cover infertility treatments and that put the U.S.A. IVF donor option out of reach for us. During IVF research, my husband found the My IVF Alternative site and we are so happy we were able to take advantage of the services and complete the donor procedure in the Czech Republic.

Like many others, we had concerns about going through the internet to initiate the donor IVF cycle but those concerns were quickly eliminated after talking with Mag Cogbill. She is a warm, caring person who understands the challenges many couples face when attempting to get pregnant. She also knows the IVF process inside and out and was always available to answer any questions we had. Mag took the time to walk us through the entire IVF procedure, order medications for us as well as walk us step by step through the medication injection procedures. She also assisted us with our trip planning needs and constantly kept in contact with us when we were overseas to ensure the IVF procedure as well as the rest of our trip went smoothly. Mag also found an affordable, modern apartment for us to rent that was very close to the clinic. We preferred the space the apartment offered as well as the kitchen facilities. It was nice knowing we did not have to eat out for every meal and could easily make a cup of coffee in the morning.

The Czech clinic facilities and staff were superb! They thoroughly reviewed our medical information, the donor egg retrieval process, embryo transfer procedures and answered every question we had in a professional manner. My husband and I were thrilled to view the embryo transfer via ultrasound images and it was a truly magical experience to see two tiny lives being transferred to my uterus. Our pregnancy test is scheduled this week and we hope to update this note with positive news that we are pregnant!

Mag’s assistant Eva is also excellent! She took us to and from the clinic for each appointment and gave us daily updates on the progress of our embryos. She also helped us with food shopping, restaurant recommendations, car rentals, site seeing adventures and any other questions we had. Eva was always available to answer provide assistance and we found her help to be invaluable.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country and we suggest anyone traveling there rent a car to see as much of the country as possible. Brno has many historical sites to visit and the Czech countryside also offers many beautiful site-seeing options. We found Prague to be one of the most beautiful cities we have seen and it is worth the two and 1//2 hour car ride to visit. We took full advantage of the vacation aspect of this trip and this truly made the medical experiences and pregnancy results waiting time less stressful. After the IVF Vacation experience, I cannot understand why anyone would opt to pay $30,000 plus dollars for the U.S.A. IVF donor option when they will receive the same level of medical support in the Czech Republic plus have a wonderful vacation for less than half the cost of the U.S. IVF donor program!

We are grateful for your help and thank you for everything Mag!

I have a very unusual story to tell. Hopefully it will inspire people to never give up and to always have hope. I always believed that no matter what happened in my life, one day I would be a mum. I knew that I had so much love to give a child and that even if I adopted or had to use a donor to have a baby, then that would not matter as long as I was a mother. I am an only child and was sent to live with a foster parent as a baby. My real parents came back for me after a year away but I then spent 8 years in a boarding school in England, so I am well aware of how it felt to feel alone and unloved. I exist to prove the point that one day my child will be given all the love that I never had….

After getting married in 2004, my husband and I had been trying for a year to have a baby and then we found out that there was a problem with my husband’s sperm. He had a condition called Azoospermia which meant that as a child he had probably had mumps and his tubes had not grown properly, so his sperm was not getting through in the right way. We had treatment at a clinic in London where they actually managed to extract his sperm from his testicles and then we did our first ICSI cycle. This failed but I was also given the news that at 34 the quality of my eggs were not very good either. We kept on trying over the next few years with another two different IVF protocols, but they all failed. By then we had paid for every single treatment (nearly £20k English) and were emotionally and financially at our wits end with nothing to show and no one to help advise us on what the next step could be.

One day I came across Mag’s IVF ALTERNATIVE website and was intrigued. I had heard that treatment in Europe was alot cheaper but when I actually contacted Mags, I was so excited, because she gave me hope, encouragement and advise that I had never had before in the UK. I struck up a really good bond with Mags before I made a decision to have any treatment and found her to be really helpful, knowledgeable and an extremely patient and good listener. I was eventually advised by the Czech doctors at Reprofit that we would probably have the best chance of success using an egg donor with my husband’s sperm which was frozen. My husband flew to Czech and was full of praise for the way he was looked after by the Reprofit host, for the cleanliness of the clinic and the friendliness of the staff. At all times we were given updates and breakdowns of our treatment from Mags by phone and e mail. She was our IVF Coordinator and so the whole process made everything feel very easy. Unfortunately once my husband came back to the UK we were hit with the news that none of the eight follicles from the donor had fertilized with my husband’s sperm. We were contacted by the doctor in Czech immediately who set about trying to establish what had gone wrong and where we could go from there. We were offered alternative solutions and it was obvious how concerned the clinic were and that they genuinely wanted to help us move forward, unlike our clinic in London, who were terrible in aftercare.

We were told that it was more likely that the reason behind our previous failures was my husband’s sperm and that it did not look like he would be able to be a biological father, because of his Azospermia. At this point my husband had a breakdown which resulted in my marriage breaking down and him leaving me.

Mags called me every week to see how I was and became a really good friend to me in my hour of need. I will never forget her kindness. Thank you Mags, you are an ANGEL!

Eventually my husband came back and we had to have counseling for nearly a year. One of the issues that he had was that he did not want to adopt or have to use a sperm donor, but the breakdown and then the counseling made him realize that he had got his head round it and that would be the only way forward for us. One more go was what we decided and we even took out a loan to pay for it, unlike all the other times where we used our savings. In April of this year, we were lucky enough to have Mags coordinate another IVF using a sperm AND an egg donor from Czech. This time we both flew out together and made a holiday out of it, staying at the fantastic Grand Hotel in Brno- we had lovely Czech food and wine and were extremely lucky to be taken out and shown around the city by the wonderful Reprofit hosts. We met up with other Reprofit clients for a meal and had a lovely evening sharing our IVF stories and experiences. My embryo transfer was relaxed and the staff were professional and very laid back, so I felt very at ease the whole time. A few weeks later we were amazed to discover that I had a BIG FAT POSITIVE- we are expecting our baby girl in two weeks time. I am now forty and she is the best Christmas present I could wish for- She is our precious miracle and although biologically not ours- she will be loved and cherished for all of her life and we have the fantastic Mags and Reprofit to thank for that. We won’t hesitate to go back there again and now highly recommend them to anyone we know with fertility problems.

Charlotte and Paul Clark,
Surrey, England.

Dear Prospective MY IVF Alternative Client,
My husband and I have experienced a huge roller coaster when it comes to health and fertility issues. Shortly after we were married, I was diagnosed with cancer and had to undergo 6 months of chemotherapy treatment. We were worried that the treatment would destroy our chances of getting pregnant, but thankfully we were wrong and were able to have a healthy son! Nine months later, we were ready to add to our family, but unfortunately I relapsed and needed to receive a stem cell transplant. This harsh treatment destroyed our chances of having another child using my eggs. Two years later, my husband and I decided to look into egg donation, and to our amazement, the process was a 6 month wait with a $35,000 ticket price. With this devastating news, my husband did some research and thankfully he came across Mag’s website and we found ourselves feeling a glimmer of hope and excitement!!!

We did a ton of research on myivfalternative and decided this program was the right fit for us. We spoke with Mag MANY times and each time she took her time and answered every question with complete patience and thoroughness…she never made us feel like we were bothering her. Throughout the process my husband, who is the skeptic, was worried that this all sounded too good to be true. I, on the other hand, felt confident that it was going to work and that I would be pregnant! (I was right!)

Our trip to the Czech Republic was amazing! Everything was so incredibly easy…especially the medical aspect. During our 11 day vacation, we stayed in beautiful Prague and went to Brno twice ~ each time we saw the doctors and our visit lasted no longer than a half an hour. We received by far better and more respectful treatment than at either of the two top fertility clinics in New York and New Jersey that we used previously. The doctors, the coordinators, and everyone involved in our IVF vacation were professional and wonderful.

It has been 6 and a half months since our return from the Czech Republic and my husband and I are thrilled that we are pregnant with a healthy baby boy!!! Honestly, the entire experience was simple!!! We wish you the best of luck and invite you to email us with any questions…we love sharing our experience.

Lauren and Scott

As many people do my wife and I decided we wanted to take that next step and start a family. Our hopes were high, and then came our first miscarriage! It was devastating for us both, but we quickly put the experience behind us and tried again. Again my wife became pregnant and again our hope and dreams came crashing down around us as my wonderful wife experienced another miscarriage. After the third miscarriage, we sought out the help of specialist’s in the field to both help us obtain our dreams of a baby, and understand what was going wrong. Well they found a number of problems some with me and some with my wife. We listened and learned that thru medical techniques available today, our hopes and aspirations for bringing a child into the world were still possible. Now came the overwhelming task of finding the Doctor, & the facility. After numerous consultations with Doctors, Geneticists and Financial Consultants and scouring the internet for hours and hours, we found “My IVF Alternative” and that led us to Mag and Jeremy which have changed our lives. My wife was the first to talk with Mag and after her initial conversation she was filled with hope. I remember coming home that night and finding my wife so excited and wanting me to call and talk with Mag. I’m by nature a skeptical, so I called that night with apprehension, but after a 20 minute phone call with Mag who was frank and knowledgeable, and answered all my questions, including one very important question for my wife and I, which was, can we use our own sperm and egg. The answer was ABSOLUTELY! We wanted this option. After the call that night with Mag, I too began thinking maybe this too is what we have been looking for. We continued to research the program read testimonials and of course called some of the people who have participated in the program. We received great feedback. My wife and I agreed this was for us, our chance to start a family. We flew off to Europe to a beautiful little town full of history, art and atmosphere. (Flying with meds was no problem at all). It was like a vacation! The medical facilities were exceptional, the Doctors were highly educated and the experience and the care giving of the staff was top notch. Almost everyone in the clinic spoke English, which was a huge help! The procedure took a total of 14 days, visiting the clinic 3 times during that stay, 1st for the initial consultation, 2nd for the egg retrieval & sperm sample & 3rd for the transfer. It’s been 11 weeks and my wife and I are expecting twins. We both are so happy and grateful to Mag and to the My IVF Alternative program. We hope that many more couples will find, and experience this life changing program. Mag helped us with the travel arrangements and even arranged to have English speaking representatives pick us at the airport bring us to our IVF appointments and guide and give advice. We are truly grateful and so pleased and happy with Mag and the program. Thank you Mag and Jeremy for all you have done, you have truly changed our lives. We’ll send you pictures of the twins!

Eternally Grateful 
A & G California, USA

Dear Mag, Rachel, and Eva,

We want to thank each of you for all your support during the past year. This has been a journey we never imagined taking; we did not even know it was an option! In 2011 I was completely crushed when told that I would not be able to conceive a child with my own eggs. I definitely went through the grief cycle, but eventually came to realize that using eggs from a donor was the choice for me. Once reaching that decision though I struggled with the potential cost and how we would make that happen. When Scott joked that we should “go to Canada, like people do for their eyes” I laughed. Then we paused, looked at each other and thought “maybe.” Some quick online research and suddenly the world of medical tourism and My IVF Alternative was our new reality.

Making the decision was one of the easiest ones we have ever made. After reading some of the testimonials and frankly reviewing the costs it was a “no brainer” for us. It was also the best decision we have ever made. I have followed various blogs this past year and participated in some online forums. Comparing our experience to those doing donor cycles in the U.S., I am constantly reminded how peaceful and low stress our experience was (and we all know how bad stress is for this process!). We had started reviewing donor profiles and were completely overwhelmed. I’m a control freak, but having that donor decision removed from our control actually put me at ease; I couldn’t make a bad decision. Unlike a cycle in the U.S., the only monitoring was the ultrasound a week before we left. No struggling to fit in multiple appointments around an already busy work schedule. No obsessing over lab reports.

The best part though was our team; because as easy as this was there were still questions and times of doubt. When we had a question Mag or Rachel quickly responded to us with detail and reassurance. When I was completely freaked out that I would never start my period, Rachel called me at 10:30 PM and talked to me until I was able to stop crying and go to sleep. When we arrived in Brno, Eva was there to welcome us, show us around, and assist us at the clinic. All of you cheered us on and made us feel like we were your only clients.

We also cannot say enough about the clinic and its staff. The facility was amazing, so modern and efficient. Everyone we met was completely professional, but also so friendly. We felt very comfortable and had no hesitation about any part of the process.

After the stress of infertility this trip really helped us reconnect as a couple. The days we spent as tourists, while our little embryos developed, were relaxing and fun. I couldn’t have been in a better state of mind for our transfer. We knew that there were no guarantees; that our embryos may not make it, but they did. We’re anxiously awaiting the arrival of our two babies that will make our family complete. We also knew that we would return to Brno and Reprofit without hesitation if they did not make it. Despite our familiarity with the process we would not go it alone though; My IVF Alternative would be right there with us. We would never go without our team! Thank you for everything! Chrissy & Scott

Dear My IVF Alternative,
Thank you so much for the wonderful experience from here in the States and all the way out in the Czech Republic! From the moment we started our journey, we felt so comfortable. It was so nice to have any and all of our questions answered so quickly! This was our first attempt with IVF and we were so unfamiliar with the process. We were made at ease right away! Our coordinator in the States, Kayleen, was great. She really took the time to help us with our protocol and was a great resource for any information we sought out. In the Czech Republic, our coordinator, Denisa, was great! She really helped us navigate around the city and find some really interesting activities to do. She was also a great source of information for us and really made us comfortable out there! The doctors were awesome! We really felt they were extremely knowledgeable and truly took the time to make sure our treatment was a success. The staff at the Reprofit Clinic was very nice and welcoming. It was a great experience – one we’ll never forget!! Since arriving at home, we did find out that we are indeed pregnant! A couple of weeks later we found out that we’re expecting twins! What wonderful little miracles we’re blessed with. Everyone that has been a part of our IVF journey is one of God’s angels! We’re truly grateful for the assistance, the empathy and support from every single person involved. Thank you for everything!


Jennifer and Joe Kinley
Watertown, WI USA

Hi Mag,

I just wanted to write to you and tell you that as a first time gestational surrogate you have made this an easy process. I really enjoyed the time I spent in Czech Republic. Martin, Eva, Dr.Mac and Dr. Mark were all amazing. They made being away from home very easy and quick. I am very impressed with the quality of care and the friendly staff at the clinic. I will be referring any one I can to you. I was very nice of you to help with the apartment and we were very comfortable there. There is so much to see and do that it almost didn’t seem like enough time. I hope to take my family there some time in the near future. If any other surro moms have any questions please feel free to send them way and I would love to talk to them about the ease of this program. if there is anything else you need Please don’t hesitate to ask. Take Care and good luck in your journey.

Rebecca Clark

My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for several years. We never knew that having a baby could be so problematic, or so difficult. We tried two IVF attempts, in the US, which was all that our insurance allows. Our first IVF attempt was negative, our second was positive, but resulted in a miscarriage. After the miscarriage I thought that our chances were done. We live in the US and could never afford to go through more rounds of IVF here, even though our doctors told us that we had a very good chance of success.

I felt that there had to be another way, and one afternoon surfing the internet I came across the Myivfalternative website. From that moment on I was in touch with Mag on a regular basis. Mag is an extremely caring person who has been through the trials of fertility treatment and understands the procedures and emotional roller coaster of it all. After my treatment was booked Mag was there for me answering a hundred questions, lending her support, and giving her advice. I can’t tell you how nice it was to have her there, and she is still there for me now.

We went to the Czech Republic. We decided to use donor eggs, because of my age and several other problems that we have. Because we chose the donor egg program we were not required to be at the clinic every day, so we managed to do lots of sightseeing, in the Czech Republic and surrounding countries. It was a fantastic vacation, and by the time we got to have our treatment we were completely relaxed. Our coordinator in Brno (Eva) was also fantastic. She showed us around, booked massages and acupuncture appointments, whatever we needed, she was there. We stayed in an apartment close to the clinic which Mag organized, and it was a perfect little home for us while we were there. The doctors were very nice and extremely encouraging.

We arrived back in the US, and have found out that we are expecting!!! We are thrilled, and would thoroughly recommend this program to anyone who is considering it.

California family

To whom it may concern, I would like to share my experience dealing with Magdalena Cogbill’s services to facilitate IVF in the Czech Republic. My wife and I were trying to have a pregnancy for a few years without success and we were getting very desperate. We had spent a lot of time and money and were frustrated in the ‘system’ in the U.S. and were concerned about how much money was leaving our bank account without any results. We were feeling the pressure and were discouraged to see the high expenses of IVF in the U.S. particularly in light of the fact that IVF is not guaranteed on the first try.

When we discovered this service on the Internet, we were quickly encouraged by the prospects. The price was several times cheaper than what we were facing in the U.S. The first question that came to our minds was, “If it is that cheap, does the quality compare to what we would get inside the U.S.?”

Well, further research convinced us of the superior quality of the treatment available in the Czech Republic, and we committed to it with Magdalena and started the process.

My wife and I also had limited time in which to both get over to the Czech Republic to start the process. We had committed ourselves to this process, but of course were worried about all the variables. We quickly discovered that we had been lucky in our decision, that we were receiving the best facilitation from the service and from the hospital.

To make a long story short, after I had to leave to go back to work, my wife stayed to continue with the rest of the IVF. She produced only two eggs during the stimulation and we were resigned that it might not work on that attempt. Well, as it all happened, both eggs were healthy and both became embryos, and both were implanted.

Well, that was more than five months ago. My wife is pregnant. We are both so happy. She has twins and they are due next January.

Throughout the entire experience, we were treated by Magdalena as if we were family, and given service and support above and beyond our wildest expectations. It was a great experience!

We always thought we would have children someday. Several employers offered some benefits to assist us in having a child. We used some of these options but still no success. Finally when we were in our late thirties we decided to explore IVF. The cost of having this done in the U.S. was more than we could afford. However, we did have a specialist try two drug assisted artificial insemination attempts. These were unsuccessful. We took a break and decided that we would never have children on our own. Right after my wife turned forty-one years old, we were searching the internet and found a clinic that would send sperm and supplies directly to our home for artificial insemination. Still not willing to give up, we gave this a try. On our very first attempt, my wife became pregnant. Just before my wife’s forty-second birthday, she delivered a beautiful baby girl that looks just like her mother. We were delighted with this success and thought that since we had such good luck, we would try this method again. Eleven unsuccessful attempts and three years later we could not repeat our success. We started looking for other options and found Mag’s website. We contacted Mag on July 1, 2007 and in mid October 2007, my wife was in the Czech Republic having embryos implanted. On my wife’s 46th birthday we got a positive reading using a home pregnancy test kit. We will be visiting our doctor soon to verify these test results. We want to thank Mag, Eva, Dr Marek and his staff for all their help in making our dream come true. We highly recommend that anyone considering IVF look into using MyIVFAlternative for help in having a child. Very happy Minnesota family!

Our overseas adventure was truly an “IVF holiday” because any apprehension we had was quickly removed. We stayed in Slavkov, a small town minutes away from Brno, and our accommodations were clean and modern. The bus system in the Czech Republic is superior, and you can easily travel many places on day trips. Since this was an opportunity of a lifetime for us and our 9-year-old daughter, we enjoyed taking the day trips to Prague and Vienna.

By the time we left, we felt like family. We were continually pampered with personalized service, and special touches, like the “his and hers” full-body massages, were a treat. We were always kept informed of our progress, and we felt genuinely cared for.

The clinic in Brno is world class, state of the art in every way, and the staff is exceptional. After unsuccessfully undergoing three stateside IVF cycles, there was no doubt the trip was well worth taking. The widescreen monitor in the insemination room is incredible. We were able to view the oocytes, witness the extraction of the ones we selected and, after implantation, a high-resolution ultrasound was immediately performed to confirm they were properly placed. As for success, the proof is in the making. Three weeks after return, our pregnancy is confirmed, and we’re more positive than ever.

Our heartfelt thanks to our new “Czech family.” From start to finish, anticipate the very best, because that’s what you’ll get. We become more positive each day that our dream is coming true. Expect success!


A Growing Texas Family

Who knew that a google search late one night would lead us halfway across the world in our quest for a baby? Well, our story started several years ago. My husband and I were married a bit later in life and well, life just seemed to keep getting in the way of us completing our family with a child. Several IUI and IVF treatments (and about 50 thousand dollars) later, we were at square one with no child. We had explored other fertility clinic options in the US – but at around $30,000 per try (with no guarantee of success) those just weren’t odds that seemed worth betting on.

So, late one night, I was online reading and searching and came across Mag and Jeremy and their organization My IVF Alternative. What an amazing find in so many ways. They not only introduced me to the idea of IVF abroad, but held my hand every single step of the way. Mag truly went above and beyond when it came to making sure everything was in place to take the stress of this away.

Being a diligent consumer, I did some research and spoke to former clients. They were all thrilled with the service that they received and talked about being treated with dignity and respect. Even more, they all talked about what a wonderful time they had on their IVF “vacation”. They seemed to all be impressed with the clinic and doctors – whose success rates are equivalent to most clinics here in the US – but at a fraction of the cost.

Well, the clients were correct. I couldn’t have asked for more. Mag is efficient, organized, and makes you feel like you’re her only client. She has an extraordinary relationship with the clinic and doctors (and a lot of experience with IVF) so she makes sure everything is going according to plan – or is quick to resolve any problems that arise – all the while communicating what is going on so you’re always in the loop. I had ordered one of my medications from Canada (to save a bit of money) and it was delayed through customs. Mag to the rescue – she was able to arrange for a replacement and assured me that I had nothing to worry about. She was right!

Our visit to Brno was no exception – her accommodation recommendations, restaurant suggestions, and day trip ideas were terrific. Eva (the local contact) met us upon our arrival and was available to answer any question about the city (well, a big town really) or anything we wanted or needed. But most of all, we really didn’t have a care or worry when it came to making sure we were at the clinic when we needed to be, getting information from the doctors on our behalf, or answering our questions. It really let us enjoy just being on vacation (with an extra special purpose).

Also, the clinic (Reprofit) was very modern – easily as good, if not better, than my RE’s clinic in Beverly Hills, although at a fraction of the cost I should add. Reprofit has the latest technology at hand, and the doctors are renowned in the field of fertility. They also speak very good English—making for easy communication. I’m certain that Mag’s long-standing relationship with the clinic and physicians helps make sure things go extra smoothly for her clients.

If you read Mag’s story, you wonder how she has time to help all of these couples, but I can assure you that her own personal challenges and procedures never get in the way of making sure her clients are taken care of extremely well. She is always very prompt in her communication and very easy to reach via phone or email (or both).

Aside from all of this, with Mag and Eva’s help, we had an absolutely amazing European vacation with memorable visits to Prague and Vienna that will always bring a smile to our faces.

I could not more highly recommend Mag and the services of My IVF Alternative – they have taken a highly emotional and extremely challenging process and made it as easy as can be.

Michael & Sue

My name is Deborah and I would like to share my story with you. I was a single woman that had been trying to have a baby for almost 4 years. I had been through surgeries and all kinds of testing and the doctors could not find anything wrong. They said I had what was called unexplained infertility. I had been doing IUI’s with medications. I started out on clomid and then went onto follistim which was an injectable drug. My body was producing eggs but the procedure just was not working. My doctors here in the US stated they thought my best hope was to do IVF. I was quoted a price of almost $40,000. I checked with other places and the lowest price I could find was still about $25,000. Being a single woman I could not afford that and my insurance did not cover any cost for IVF. I knew I wanted a baby so I went to the internet and started looking. I came across several different websites and contacted them and the only one I felt comfortable with was Mag. I thank God everyday that I came across her website.

I am like most people that thought if something sounds too good to be true then most of the time it usually is. I continued to talk and email with Mag and she put my mind at ease so I decided to go for it. I decided that I wanted the best chance possible for me so I decided to use donor eggs. Mag was very helpful in working with me while I was here in the US and communicating everything with the doctors there in Czech. I had decided to do the procedure in May. Mag kept in contact with me every step of the way and even letting me know how my donor was doing. Once I decided to go through with us everything just felt different for me, I just had a feeling that this was meant to be and that this would work for me, so I was just excited about getting a European vacation out of it and getting pregnant at the same time. Once I got there and went to the clinic I was blown away. I could not believe how wonderful everyone was. Dr. Mac and Dr. Marek are the best. I received better one on one treatment from them than I had received from my doctors in the US. My donor produced 8 follices but only 7 survived and were fertilized. All 7 of the embryos were of great quality and made it. I decided to transfer 2 embryos because I wanted the best chance possible. I was so relaxed and excited and could not wait until my blood test. I was thrilled to also learn that the 5 embryos that were left all made it and I still have 5 left. I am happy to report that I am now expecting twins and could not be happier.


I had been on an IVF roller coaster for some time and I knew that I cared more about having a baby rather than trying to get pregnant. IVF world was consuming my life and going with DE option seemed like the next logical step. I had been trying cheaper options in the US, such as shared cycles at my old clinic in another city and an individual DE cycle in my city. Both of those options fell through. Either the donor choices were slim, or the waiting lists for the donors long. When the donor that I choose locally, bailed out on me, while I was taking medications, I was ready to travel to Czech Republic. After spending some time exchanging information with Mag, I started organizing the logistics of the trip. She eased the initial apprehension of not knowing what that clinic was all about. She was quick and informative with her replies, and the organizational part was soon to be over. Then it was just a wait for the cycle dates to arrive. I decided to use Mag’s services to mainly support my contact with the clinic, as after having gone through some of the cycles, I realized how important the communication in the IVF world was. It was even more crucial in the DE cycles, and I learned it the hard way at my old clinic, where the DE coordinator was not helpful at all.

I chose Reprofit for their good stats, reputation, large donor pool available almost immediately and I didn’t go wrong.

The clinic turned out to be very modern and well run. While in Brno, I was under her mom’s wing, who treated me with great hospitality. We visited some local points of interest, traveled some more around the beautiful area of Moravia with her and her husband, which made the stay much more pleasant. You could almost forget of the purpose of your trip. I highly recommend looking into seeing many interesting sights in the vicinity of Brno. It’s so rich in culture and history! Right now, I am cautiously optimistic, as we’re waiting for the first ultrasound. It worked!!!

AS August ’07

Hello everyone,

Hope my letter will reach all of you whose family plans have been put off indefinitely due to the high cost of IVF treatment or years’ long waiting lists for egg donors (our case).

Life is too short to spend it waiting and wondering; avoid the mistake I’ve made, you cannot turn back the clock.

I am sure that since you’ve found this website and read more about the program all you could think was: Is this real? This sounds too good to be true! Well, my words exactly – 1 year ago!

My husband and I met later in our lives but it was worth the wait.

Ever since my twenties, I had all kinds of female issues, resulting in having my ovaries removed. I have also been on all kinds of medications to keep my thyroid under control. Although, it was hard for me to swallow, I had to accept the fact that I’ll never have children so I gave in. But my husband changed everything; I wanted to experience parenthood with him so we started looking into the options of modern medicine. For obvious reasons, egg donation IVF was our only option.

Once I got the OK from my doctors, we started our research for fertility clinics abroad as the health system in England makes it almost impossible for us to undergo this treatment so we were looking into alternatives.

I have sent inquiries to a few clinics and agencies throughout Europe but there was one I was really interested in Reading through their website I felt I was getting to know Mag. Sharing her personal stories and struggles with infertility I felt that she really cared. Sure enough, Mag was the first one to respond. She suggested to call me so that my husband and I could ask questions and understand the whole process better. We spent about 2 hours on the phone the very next day! Not only did we get all of our questions answered but Mag brought up some very good points that we haven’t thought of. We were so excited and immediately started making our treatment plans. Well, Mag did most of it. We just filled out our medical forms and specified our preferences for a donor.

Mag got back with us in a couple of days with treatment dates, flight and accommodation recommendations, things to do while in Czech and an outline of our treatment. All we had left to do was to look forward to our vacation in Czech.

When that time came and we met Mag at the airport in Brno it was like meeting a long time friend!

Clinic itself was a very modern facility with the latest technology and we found all the doctors and the staff very nice, knowledgeable, professional and very supportive.

We received 6 eggs from our donor. We had 2 embryos transferred and 3 frozen (1 didn’t make it).

With only 2 visits to the clinic we had plenty of time to indulge in massages, sightseeing, shopping, delicious food and some really good wine.

After a wonderful week spent in Brno, we are happy to announce that we are pregnant! We just saw the heartbeat of our baby for the first time and it was an amazing feeling.

Thanks to Mag and her dedication to help other “baby-challenged” couples, I was able to get pregnant without any worries and had a great, much needed, vacation with my husband.

Our thanks go to the wonderful lady who donated her eggs to us and the team of doctors and nurses that made it all happen. And thank you, Mag, for making our family dream come true!

Amanda and Tony, England

Dear Mag and Jeremy,

We just wanted to thank you for making our trip to Europe something to remember for the rest of our lives. Jake and I were very skeptical about believing that this could be for real. The thought of going to Europe and maybe having a baby all in one sounded too good to be true. Well, after e-mailing for several months, reality came through and we put our trust into you and it all worked out.

When Jake and got landed in Prague reality set in! We thought that the main goal of this trip was to make a baby, but our minds relaxed and we did not stress about it ever! We ended up having a wonderful trip and thought if a baby (or two) comes out of how much more blessed we would be. Jake and I never had a stressful day and it was relaxation and touring from day one to the end. Spa treatments for me and my husband for a quarter of the price in the U.S.- Mag knows all the “ins and outs” of the city! She seems to know where there is something for everybody!

Enough about the great trip, back to why we came-to have a baby. The first time we met the doctor, I loved him and so did my husband. He was so encouraging and had such a positive outlook. The clinic was lovely, clean, professional, and knowledgeable I would recommend the clinic and this program 100% and that is coming from a couple that is suspicious and weary of everybody!

Mag is a “one in a million.” She is the most unselfish person I have ever met. If anybody was to go on this trip she will always put you first, make you feel special, and will have a life-long friend.

Our story is probably like so many others trying and just looking for a cheaper, but safe way to have a baby, well we found our answer! We are proud to say we are pregnant thanks to you and forever will be grateful!!!

Update – December 17, 2011:
Dear Mag,
It has been a little over three years since we were in Czech for our IVF cycle. As you know Jacob and Dylan are now almost two-and-half and have been happy, healthy and beautiful little boys. At times we look at them and reminiscence back of all the struggles, tears, and sleepless nights and feel truly blessed by your kindness and coming across your site. Every time we look at them please know that you will always be somehow connected to our boys’ lives in more ways than you can imagine. We are forever grateful.

Kristin, Jake, Dylan and Jacob Miller

Heaven only knows how in the middle of the night I happened upon the “” website. All I remember is that I must have read it about ten times before I fell asleep, certain that when I awoke the information I read would be only a dream. As I imagine most couples are when they come upon an affordable treatment for in vitro/donor possibility for pregnancy, we were initially skeptical: go where for treatment??? The Czech Republic???? Could they possibly have 21st century treatments so far away? But everything we read on the website seemed on the up-and-up, so my husband and I decided to take the next step: place a call to Magda and Jeremy.

From that moment on, there was no turning back. Magda convinced us with the first phone call that the clinic she had chosen to work with was every bit as sophisticated as any we would find in the U.S. or the world. Every contact we had with Magda only strengthened our decision to take the trip; she returned every call immediately and I can’t remember a single time when she didn’t have the answer to what we asked. Getting the medications required was no problem; and as soon as we picked a date a schedule arrived for us via fax.

Every step of the way, if there were any doubts or hesitation, Magda made sure we knew we could call her back as many times as we wanted to on that day or moving forward. Truly, by the time we stepped on the plane we had no doubts — only normal butterflies any couple would have when they are embarking on such an important adventure.

The last time we had to think about ANYTHING having to do with the procedure was the moment we stepped on the plane to Prague. It was as if we were on a private tour…. but better, because we had three other couples undergoing IVF, and sharing the same experiences and nervousness. In a matter of a very few days we became friends — and probably friends for life… it’s as if any of the offspring born of the Czech experience shall be cousins!

The doctor at the clinic was great, and the procedures were done smoothly, efficiently and painlessly — comfort provided whenever necessary, all questions answered without the slightest bit of impatience.

It may seem a long way to go for an IVF or donor procedure, but it will be worth it. Really. With luck you’ll come home pregnant, with new friends, and nothing but admiration for Magda who continues to work so hard to do everything she can to make your experience a great one.

Wendy and Aldo, New York, NY

After a complete IVF cycle and 5 IUI’s that failed, we really thought that we would never have children together. We were both physically and emotionally drained to try anymore fertility treatments. So for 7 months we didn’t do any fertility treatments. But in the back of our minds, the desire to have a child was still there and it was a constant thought. We were tired of being told that our tests were negative. Who wants to be told no, repeatedly? One day I found myself on the internet looking for answers. I wanted to know what it was that we were doing wrong and couldn’t get pregnant. I came across Mag’s website. I thought for sure this was a scam. After all of the thousands of dollars that we had spent over 3 years, how could this be for real? I visited her website frequently. Finally after two months of research, I emailed Mag. To my surprise I received an email back from her. After a few correspondences back and forth, I immediately knew that this was not a scam and that she knew what it was like to experience infertility and she genuinely wanted to help others who were also fertility challenged. When we finally made the trip to the Czech Republic, we were so anxious, but excited. Mag coordinated all of our appointments with the Reprofit clinic. She was amazing. The doctors were professional and extremely knowledgeable. We felt at ease and knew that what we were doing was the right thing. It was hard to come back home after being in the Czech Republic for two weeks. We grew to love Mag. Even though we didn’t get pregnant, we have three embryos that are frozen, just waiting for us to return and give it another try.

Kayleen & Stephen 
Gilbert, AZ

My Husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for 5 yrs. now and no luck. So we went to a specialist, and they said there was a slight chance due to my age, and my egg count was low. My husband sperm count was very low as well. So he had surgery and that helped some, but my eggs were still low, so they said our best chances were to try the donor egg program. We thought long and hard, we tried on our own for another 6mos., and said we are getting old and we need to continue our family now. Next we saw a Fertility Specialist and they told us they had a waiting list for 6mos. that was not what we wanted to hear, so we waited and the fees were outrageous $18,500.00 too much for a 1 try thing, but we did it, it was close to home well 2 hrs.away , and we didn’t know any better. Anyway it took and 3weeks later the Doctor wanted us to retest and they said the #”s are too low, I asked what that meant and I was told I wasn’t pregnant. We didn’t want to hear that with all the money we had paid so… My sisters told me to go on line they have overseas programs a lot cheaper, but by this time we had lost our son (16yrs) in a drowning. I thought to lose 2 kids in less than 3 mos. was too much for me. I didn’t want any more I told my husband, but after a few months had passed. I still wanted another child so we went to a couple websites one being: and another one. the other one when I spoke to them I didn’t feel the connection, but I felt the connection with Mag. I told her about my children I had lost, and she was very sympathetic. She e-mailed me asking me questions, keeping in touch with us, when we didn’t even decide to go with her at that time A few weeks went by, I felt we knew each other all our lives, Mag walked me through every little and big problem I thought I had, and when we found out we could go overseas for little of nothing and sightsee, shop, travel to other places for almost nothing, and still make our appt. for our treatments that was great! We loved it (Czech) so much we are going back for a very long visit, and for maybe baby #2. Yes, our test was POSITIVE!!!! I took a cheat test 5 days before I was to see my Doctor, and it showed a very light positive I was too happy, but didn’t say anything until the Doctor confirmed it. Now we are 13 weeks and going strong we heard our baby’s heart beating for the very 1st time it was great!!! Homer and I would like to thank you Mag and Dr. Mac at Reprofit from the bottom of our hearts for your time and personal attention you gave us while undergoing our treatment in Czech. If you ever get a chance to go, let Mag and the professional doctors take care of you. All you do is RELAX how good is that? Read the website talk to her you’ll see what I’m talking about.. Enjoy your treatment and hope you too be as happy as Homer and I, take care and Good Luck!!!!!!

Margie and Homer Hall, Wisconsin

We could not have been more satisfied with our decision to go with Mag and Jeremy were attentive to every one of our needs and made our vacation extremely relaxing and memorable. Sanatorium Helios is a very modern and experienced clinic. We have done IVF treatments here in the United States and were very pleased that Helios was using the most current practices. The clinic staff was professional and compassionate as they offered us the best quality treatment for a low cost. We did not want to spend $10,000 to $20,000 on one IVF cycle in the United States and risk a failed cycle in addition to the debt. Instead we got a great vacation where we were able to relax and enjoy our tour of the Czech Republic. Bottom line is that we saved money, had a vacation, and transferred two quality blastocyst. We would like to thank Mag and Jeremy for everything they have done for us. We have no regrets about our decision, we know you won’t either!

Laurie & Bill Cote 
Maine, USA

My wife and I have been trying to start a family from the last 9 years. After several failed attempts with IVF in the USA, we came across the My IVF Alternative website. As we researched more, we found that this would be the perfect approach for us. Little did we know that this would be an experience of a lifetime. Mag and Jeremy were very friendly and supportive as they understood our situation. Upon our arrival to the Czech Republic, Mag and Jeremy greeted us with open arms and hearts. Throughout our stay they made us feel like family while also attending to our situation in a professional manner. The clinic is very discrete with highly trained experts who answered all our questions and provided us with top quality care. We are grateful to Mag and Jeremy who have helped us start to make our dream come true. We would highly recommend My IVF Alternative to other couples who are looking for private yet extremely comfortable IVF procedure.

Thanks Mag and Jeremy!!!


Dear Mag and Jeremy,

We just wanted to let you know that we had a wonderful time on our trip to Czech to have our Ivf treatment done. Overall it was a great experience. The clinic and the doctor were both modern and professional. We would highly recommend My Ivf Alternative to anyone who is seeking Ivf for less than what we would have paid at home. We also were treated with massages, facials and some other spa treatments that made our trip very relaxing. Jeremy and Mag took us everywhere we needed to go. They also coordinated our vacation activities. The trip to Vienna was great too, a lot of walking, but still a great time. Thank you again for a wonderful trip.

Lucia and Salvador Sanchez 
Illinois, US

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